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Bec Draper
Tell us about your past in terms of health and fitness prior to joining Roar Fitness and training with Mike? Prior to joining Roar Fitness I attended another local gym and mainly participated in group fitness classes. I was still battling to lose the weight I had gained over 5 pregnancies and lacked confidence with regards to weight-based training and understanding how to string together
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After having a bad run of meningitis, 3 broken vertebrae, two major surgeries and feeling like my body was forever trying to kill me, I knew it was time to get up and move. After getting the ok from neurosurgeons and other specialist, I was not about to take my choice of gym and especially PT lightly. I did my homework and spoke to many people, visited many gyms and silently observed. I
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I joined Roar Fitness in April and I can honestly say that I have seen big changes in myself thanks to my PT who pushes me hard and believes I can do anything to improve myself. When I first started I had extra baby weight, I was weak and lacking motivation. During my 12 week challenge that Benji put me on I have reduced my body fat, lost weight and I have become much stronger, energised,
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Jess's transformation
Jess Sharpe
1. How long have you being doing Crossfit and why did you start? I started Crossfit in July 2014. I wanted to try something different, I had been going to the gym for years on and off, doing classes, pt sessions and challenges at the gym, then I would loose motivation and stop going for a few weeks, my weight would fluctuate and the gym turned into a chore 2. How has Crossfit helped you
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