$20 gets you in!?



It’s time to put your health first!

We know you’ve?probably?been putting it off for longer than you’d?like to admit, but November is the month you’re finally going to commit to getting fit! The?fact that you’ve landed on this page is your ‘future fit self’ crying out for attention and now’s the time to finally listen. Roar Fitness can offer you everything you’d ever need from a fitness centre, no matter what style of fitness you favour. If you know it’s time to wave the white flag and give up that comfy position on the couch, then hit the bottom below. See you there!

Still unsure?

Ok, so you’re keen….you’re still reading this after all, so we’re going to assume you have questions that need answers….?

How long is this offer available to me??

Your ‘$20 Get Started‘ offer is ready and waiting for you right up till the end of November 2019.?

What do I get for my $20?

In exchange for your hard earned $20, you’ll receive your 24 hour access tag at no additional cost and pay no sign up fee to become our newest ‘pride member’ at your chosen location. All membership options give you 24 hour access, unlimited group fitness classes and upon signup, an induction session with one of our superstar Roar Personal Trainers to ensure you have a plan to achieve success.

What about ongoing costs??

When you sign up, you’ll select the location and membership type which best suits your training requirements and budget. Gym prices range from $14.95 – $28.50 per week.?One of our ‘Pride leaders’ can help you pick what membership options would be best for you once you click the button below.

Am I locked into a contract??

That’s 100% up to you. Roar Fitness understands not everyone loves to sign a contract, so you have the choice of paying month-to-month or taking advantage of the discounted contract rates available to you.?

What if I’m a student, a FIFO worker or currently enjoying my retirement??

Then Roar Fitness is your obvious choice. Once you click the button to take advantage of this great $20 offer, simply let our team know and you’ll receive our special membership options to suit your current work/life situation.

Ok, you could be half way through your warm up by now…. Decision time has come!?Don’t be?nervous, the?initial?decision is always the hardest part.


If technology isn’t your thing, go ‘old school’ and give us a call and we can sort you out over the phone.?(08) 9468 7778.

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