Do you struggle to see results with your current workout and diet plan? Are you becoming restless and searching for a new way to get in shape with visible changes? Then signup for the RFX CrossFit’s 6 Week Challenge!

For ONLY $129 you can attend UNLIMITED CrossFit classes during the 6 Weeks, as well as 24/7 Gym access within all of our premium facilities. You will be working with experienced and dedicated coaches who will take you through a nutrition plan and a full body scan to see what will work best with you and your body! Our 6 week Challenge will help you crush your fitness goals and set you on the track to a healthier body and mind.

So far we’ve helped everyday people transform their health and their lives, and we want you to be part of the journey too. Become committed to a better you and sign up today!

You don’t already have to be a gym or crossfit member as non-members are very welcome to join the challenge! Everyone is welcome, as classes are suitable for all ages and all fitness levels!  Click on the video to see a short snapshot of a ‘Challenge’ class.






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