Why Fitness Partners Matter
Why Fitness Partners Matter Once you take the first step to change your life, by eating healthy and working out, it’s exciting. However keeping up the momentum once the initial novelty has worn off is where the real challenge comes in! This is where having a fitness partner really comes in handy! A fitness partner (gym buddy), not only makes your routine more enjoyable, but can also he
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Happy woman standing at the open refrigerator with fruits, vegetables and healthy food
Why Fad Dieting Is a Fad You Should Avoid
Anyone who is on a fitness journey has come across a fad diet (yes, the glamorous and over sensationalised diet that promises dramatic results with little effort - it almost seems too good to be real!) Well unfortunately it is, and weight loss can’t be achieved by an over-simplified ‘quick fix’ solution. In fact, research has shown that fad dieting, quick weight loss, has not only prov
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coconut milk
Got (Coconut) Milk?
Growing up we’re told milk is essential to build strong and healthy bodies! However, cow’s milk isn’t the only drink that offers a source of essential nutrients. Coconut milk is stealing the spotlight as it shares the same texture but with nutrient-rich benefits that blows cow’s milk out of the water! What is coconut milk you might ask? Coconut milk is the liquid drained from
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Kids are fit for the gym too!
In this digital age, it’s tempting to just let your children stay inside and play video games. It’s easy, they’re ‘safe’ and sometimes it’s just what they want to do. However, teaching your children to be inactive can have dire consequences in the long run. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: 1 in 4 Australian children, aged 2-17, were overweight o
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