CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is a program specifically designed for the developmental needs of children from as young as 5 through to teens. Through games and workouts the children will develop agility, coordination, balance, speed, flexibility and strength. Kids experience constant variety to keep them engaged. They also enjoy the benefits of working together as a group – not to mention the feeling of success from their own achievements.
We run 10 week programs over the school terms for kids and Pre-teens. We have a permanent schedule of classes for teens all year round. To keep up to date with our schedule please subscribe to our mailing list here and become a member of our RFX CrossFit Kids Facebook Group here.

Classes run out of RFX CrossFit located inside ROAR Fitness in both locations.

Free Trial
We would love you to come down and trial our classes for free.

Please follow the below process to enrol for your free trial:
1. click the Free Trial button on the left of this page
2. Fill in our waiver which will create you an account to access our schedule. Once the waiver is complete you will be redirected to out booking site.
3. Please click on the CrossFit kids tab and find the program you would like your child to trial.
3.1. There are 3 programs: Kids (5-10 years), pre-teens (10-13 years) and teens (13+). The ages here are just a rough guide to help you decide which class to trial but we will asses your
child in class and decide which level will be best suited for there development. click sign up now into your selected level program.
4. Select which location and day you would like to enroll your child into trial and click enroll – your child at the bottom of the page.
5. You will be able to select CrossFit kids Free trial in the checkout and place your order
6. Thank you, you have completed your free booking. please ensure you arrive 5mins prior to class as unfortunately we cannot accept late arrivals into class.