CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that focuses on basic gymnastic skills, olympic lifting and high intensity cardiovascular exercises. We post a different WOD (Workout of the Day) everyday that allows you to build strength, increase endurance and work on your weaknesses using functional movements. Each workout is varied, which eliminates routine and challenges you to be the best you can be in each and every session. CrossFit workouts are scaled universally allowing every committed individual to become leaner, stronger, faster and more confident regardless of your current level of fitness. Traditional exercise programs focus on training your muscles in isolation, whereas CrossFit focuses on whole body movements. This will enable balanced and quicker results than those of the traditional programs. Whether you are male or female, young or old – CrossFit will benefit you!!


Quick Fit is a high intensity cardio program that offers interval and functional workouts designed to push you to your limits, but with no complex gymnastics movements and heavy barbell lifts. If you enjoy CrossFit but are still a beginner at most of the movements and aren’t comfortable with lifting just yet, then this will be perfect for you to burn an insane amount of calories and get that quick cardio workout in.


Engine is a class specially catered to those who want to improve their work capacity in CrossFit. Classes are designed to improve high volume barbell cycling and/or high volume gymnastics movements under fatigue. This can be done with, or separate to cyclical conditioning. Expect to be moving a lot in the class and some heavy breathing.


At RFX CrossFit we have affiliated with the best in the business and are a chapter of The Barbell WOD. We run the Barbell WOD program as a class and offer the barbell WOD Plus program for more serious lifters to follow. These programs are built using the best combination of olympic and power lifting principles to develop a bigger, faster, and stronger athlete. The Barbell WOD and Barbell WOD Plus programs are not designed to produce a “quick fix” but instead to commit you to a path of long term change and results. Improve your olympic lifting technique, mobility and strength while still having gas in the tank for additional metcon and gymnastic skill workouts each week.


CrossFit Kids is a program specifically designed for the developmental needs of children from as young as 5 through to teens. Through games, workouts and the experience of constant variety to keep them engage, children will develop agility, coordination, balance, speed, flexibility and strength. They also enjoy the benefits of working together as a group, and not to mention the feeling of success from their own achievements. Learn more about our kids classes by clicking on the CrossFit Kids/Teens tab on the right


Foundations Class is a 1 hour introductory to CrossFit, where our coaches will demonstrate and have you go through basic Olympic lifting movements, bring you up to speed with CrossFit lingo, and give you a good idea of what to expect in the coming classes. Foundations Class is a fantastic way for beginners to learn the essential basics, see what level they are currently at, and is also a great opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, and clear up any concerns you may have prior to attending classes. This class will help anyone battling with nerves and doubts, as you will be learning and experiencing CrossFit alongside other beginners who are just as nervous and excited as you are. I would highly recommend anyone who is new to CrossFit to attend this class as it would be most beneficial to your progress and journey going forward.


Mobility is a one hour class focusing on learning to optimize your mobility, prevent injuries and recover quicker. We will pick a few specific areas of the body and discuss and teach mobility drills to address areas of disjunction or pain. Looking after your body in this way is an integral part of becoming a better athlete and enjoying a more comfortable and less restricted life.


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