A: Single leg deadlift (3×8; rest 1:00 B/W Sides)
* Barbell

B: 4 Rounds for Time:
8 Deadball over Shoulder 65/45kg
12 DB Burpees box over 22.5/15kg

C: KB Side Bends (3×12; rest 1:00 between sides )

A: 20 reps sitting on box practicing lock offs, standing and holding. trying different rope types

do 5 rope climbs on the black ropes with the focus on practisisng controlled decents
do 5 rope climbs on the raw ropes with the focus on holding perfect strong lock off.

*none of this is for time so keep intensity low

C: Five rounds for time of:
3 Rope Climbs 15/12′
10 Toes to bar
21 Walking lunge steps with plate held overhead 20/15kg

D: Hollow Arch Rocks; 3 x 20; rest 1:00