A: 4 Rounds

Min 1 10 Deadlift
Min 2 10 Bench Press and a Half
Min 3 Rest

*Increase by 2.5kg

B: 5:00 AMRAP

Max SA KB Clean and Jerk
3:00 Rest

5:00 AMRAP
Max SA KB Snatch

*Alternate as you wish but keep reps even

Olympic Lifting

A: Power Snatch + Snatch Grip Push Press + Heaving Snatch Balance

5 x 1+2+1; Every 2:30

*2.5-5kg increase per week

B: Tempo Front Squat

4 x 3; Every 2:30

*3 secs down + 1 sec pause at bottom of each rep
*2.5-10kg increase per week

C: Bench Press

5 x 5; Every 3:00

*2.5-5kg increase per week

Quick Fit

A: Row

600m, 400m, 200m, 400m, 600m

*Share a rower with your partner and rest as they work.

B: 8:00 AMRAP

12 OH Plate Walking Lunge Steps
10 Burpees over Plate
8 Plate Hips to Overhead

C: 2 Rounds

30s V-ups
30s Rest
30s Tucks
30s Rest
30s Reverse Ab Curls
30s Rest

Candice RFX  (67 of 92)