Partners must both complete the full amount of reps in the following way:

Partner 1 will do 1 rep of each, then partner 2 will do 1 rep of each, partner 1 will do 2 reps of each then partner 2 will do 2 reps of each. Continue this way until the 10 reps are completed, with only one person working at a time. The run can be broken down in any way. Once the run is completed, go back down the ladder starting at 10 reps and finishing at 1 rep.

2000m Run


Olympic Lifting

A: Hang Snatch

Work to a heavy single then do 3 x 2 drop sets – 10kg
*Hang from knee height

B: Front Squat + Jerk

*Increase 2.5-5kg per week

C: Deficit Deadlift

*Work from a 3-4 inch deficit
*Start @ 60%
*Increase 2.5-5kg each week

CrossFit Teens

A: Power Snatch

1 rep every minute for 15:00
*Build to a heavy single

B: 5 Rounds every minute

Min 1 10 Bench Press
Min 2 10 Deadlift
Min 3 50 Double Unders

*Each round can’t take longer than 30 seconds to complete, work with a partner.

C: Running Clock; 3 Rounds

Run 800m; Rest 4:00