A: Running Clock

4 Rounds

Min 1 10 Deadlift
Min 2 10 Bench Press
Min 3 Rest

*Aim to stay at the same weight across all sets.
*Aim for a 2.5-5kg increase each week for next 4 weeks

B: 5 rounds each for time

Starting every 4:00
20 Burpees
10 Shuttles
10 Dual DB Power Clean 22.5/15kg

CrossFit Teens

A: Snatch

4 Rounds; Every 3:00

*In between sets please complete 3 empty barbell tall snatches to focus on foot work and dropping under the bar

B: 4 Rounds (20:00 Cap)

400m Run
25 Power Snatch 30/20kg


A: Power Clean

6:00 to complete
30RM, 20RM, and 10RM
*Aim to increase on last week

B: 10 Rounds for time

10 Cal Assault or 14 Cal Row
20 Thrusters 20/15kg Bar
30 Double-Unders
1:00 Rest