A: 12:00 EMOM

Min 1: 3-4 Skin the Cats
Min 2: Max Set C2B Pull-ups

B: 25:00 AMRAP

20/12 Cal Assault
25 Push-ups
30/20 Cal Row
25 Ring Rows

*For the ring rows, set feet directly underneath pull up bar. Bottom of the ring should line up with the top of the hip


A: 5 Rounds

Min 1: Max Cal Assault
Min 2: Max Reps HSPU

*Score = lowest scoring rep/round of each movement added together

B: Threshold Mixed Modal

4 Rounds; Every 7:00 (Rounds capped @ 5:00)

400m Run
30 UB Wallballs
20 UB KB Swings

*Wallballs and KB must be unbroken. If you break reps, you need to start that exercise again. Adjust weights to suit athlete.

CrossFit Teens

A: 5 Rounds; Every 3:00

16 Dual Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunge
12 Ring Dips

B: For time

100 Front Squat for time @ 50% Max

*5 Burpees penalty every drop of the bar

C: Handstand Walk

5:00 practice