A: Power Snatch + OH Squat

10:00; Every 2:00
3 Power Snatch + 3 OH Squats

B: 20:00 Cap

50 Bench Press 60/40kg
50 Deadlift 100/70kg

* 10 Burpees at every set break including transition
* Adjust weights as a rough 25RM


A: Barbell Work

Within 3:00
10 UB Hang Power Cleans
10 UB TNG Power Cleans
10 UB Push Jerk
Rest 3:00

*Build to a weight that you can get through each section UB only resting between movements allowed

B: 4 Rounds

10 Seconds Absolute Max Effort Assault
25 DB Front Squats Dual 22.5/15kg
2:00 Max Cal Row
Rest 3:00

Score = Highest RPM achieved in the 10 second Max Assault plus Total Cals on the Rower
*Front squat doesn’t give you a score

CrossFit Teens

A: Front Squat

*During rest complete Banded Ring Dips

B: 15:00 AMRAP

KB Complex 16/12kg
10 Deadlift
10 Goblet Squat
10 American Swings
10 R Arm Snatch
10 L Arm Snatch

C: Side Lying Plank

3 Rounds each side
30s work 30s rest