Olympic Lifting

A: Clean Grip Deadlift + Clean + Clean Grip Deadlift + Clean + Jerk

Every 2:30; Reset grip as needed
*Target: 2.5-5kg increase per week

B: Paused Back Squat

Every 2:30; Hold a 3 second pause at the bottom of each rep
*Target: 2.5-10kg increase per week

C: Glute Fry

3 Rounds
10L/10R SA DB Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat
8 Barbell Hip Thust
Rest 1:30

*(RFESS) Hold dumbbell on the same side as your back leg (leg on the bench)
*Target: 2.5-5kg increase per week


A: Gymnastics Pulling Density

UB Bar Muscle-ups
2:00 BMU; Every 30 secs
15s Rest

UB Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups
2:00 C2B; Every 20 secs
15s Rest

UB Pull-ups
2:00 Pull-ups; Every 15 secs

B: 4 RFT (20:00 Cap)

400m Run
20 Alternating Front Rack Goblet Box Step Up 24/16kg
20 KB Swings 24/16kg

Quick Fit

A: Assault Bike

With a Partner; Partner 1 works Partner 2 rests
15/12 Cals
12/10 Cals
10/8 Cals
8/6 Cals
6/4 Cals
4/2 Cals

B: 150 Wallballs with Partner (10:00 Cap)

P1 Wallballs
P2 Performs 10m shuttle runs for metres

*Change movement every time you break on the Wallballs

20170201 Quick Fit 1