A: For Time:

200 meter Partner Carry


Partner 1:
50 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
50 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg
50 V-ups
50 Power Cleans 42.5/30kg
50 Deadball slam 25/15kg

Partner 2:
50 C2B Pull-Ups
50 Overhead Lunges 20/15kg
50 T2B
50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
50 Power Snatch 35/25kg


200 meter Partner Carry

For the chippers one partner may work at a time. Athletes start at the tops of their respective lists and work their ways down. Both partners must complete the 50 reps of each movement before either partner may continue to their next movement. No mixing and matching movements is allowed.

For the partner carry, athletes may carry or be carried. Both partners can switch off and share the load or one partner can be carried the whole time.

Quick Fit

A: Assault Bike

3 Rounds; every 5:00
20 Wallballs
20/30 Cal Assault
*3:00 Cap each round

B: 12:00 Cap

100 skips
25 Burpees
100 skips
25 Burpees
100 skips
25 Burpees

C: Side Plank

Accumulate 2:00 on each side