A: Paused Front Squat

4 x 3-5; rest 2:00 *2 second pause)WOD

B: 3 RFT

12 Power Cleans 60/42.5kg
14 Burpee Over Bar
16 C2B

Quick Fit

A: Max calories:

5:00 Assault
Rest 2:00

3:00 Assault
Rest 4:00

1:00 Assault

B: 10:00 AMRAP

10 KB Swings
15 KB Goblet Squats
10 Shuttles

C: Front Rack DB Box Step Up

8 reps each leg; rest 1:00 b/w legs

Olympic Lifting

A: Power Clean

Build to a 1RM then decrease 10-15kg for 2×2

B: Tall Jerk

Drive bar from shoulder to eye level- then pause & drop under into split jerk
4×3 @ 50%
*Dip drive and pause with bar at eye level, then jerk
*Increase 2.5-5kg each week

C: Back Squat

Build to a 3RM then decrease 15-20kg for a 5 rep drop set

CrossFit Teens

A: Push Jerk

*During rest complete 10 strict Banded Pull-ups

B: 10:00 AMRAP

12 Dumbbell Thrusters
10 Box Jumps
50 Double Unders

C: Lying Dumbbell Skull Crushers

4 x 12; new set every 1:30