Kids Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness Kids is a program specifically designed for the developmental needs of children from as young as 5 through to teens. Through games and workouts the children will develop agility, coordination, balance, speed, flexibility and strength. Kids experience constant variety to keep them engaged. They also enjoy the benefits of working together as a group not to mention the feeling of success from their own achievements.


Our Functional Fitness Kids Program is for ages 6-9 and runs during the School Term of 10 weeks. We also offer a class for the littler ones called Functional Fitness Kindy, which is for ages 4-5. We do not run Kindy/Kids Classes during the school holidays which is why we have parents purchase sessions for their children from our website, so they're able to pick and choose when they come to class. Family discounts are available to parents who are signing up more than one child.

Parents can purchase packs from our website after they sign up.

Kids Packs Available

$18 to purchase 1 outright session (1 month expiry)
$82.50 to purchase a 5 pack (4 month expiry)
$150 to purchase a 10 pack (4 month expiry)
$270 to purchase a 20 pack (4 month expiry)


We run classes all year round for our Pre-Teens and Teens. Our Pre-Teens classes are for ages 10-12 and Teens ages 13+. Every child will sign up on an ongoing membership where parents are debited weekly, just like a normal gym membership.

Pre-Teens/Teens Membership Rates

$15 for 1 session p/week
$27 for 2 sessions p/week
$39 for 3 sessions p/week
$46 for 4 sessions p/week (Only available for Teens classes)

There is also a 10% discount on the membership rates if there is more than 1 child in the same family.

Memberships can be suspended as needed for family holidays at no cost and can be cancelled with 30 days notice.

Please click on our timetable to the right to view the session times


We would love your child/children to come down and trial a class for free. Please email us at to book your child in!

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