Mums and Bubs Class

Welcome to ROAR FITNESS Mums & Bubs!

Between a hyper-busy schedule, all the sleepless nights and in many instances even tending to your other children, it?s hard to find the time to even think about exercise. Working out is a sure way to decrease stress levels and promote a long, healthy life as a mother.

Body Weight Fitness Classes WA
We have added a spin to the way we do bodyweight training at ROAR FITNESS. Not only will you use your weight, but you will also use your baby as a weight.

What?s the cost?
Our mums & bubs exercise classes in Western Australia are FREE, allowing the community to get involved and join the fun without cost.

Book a Class
Contact us?at your preferred location to book your mums & bubs fitness class spot. We look forward to having you and your baby join our fitness family.



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