HAHA, everyone crawls before they walk. Do you think Craig Lowndes or Peter Brock started out on the V8 Supercar tour? They stalled out, bunny hopped and scraped how many curbs when they started? You need to start somewhere, and you will be better tomorrow than you are today, you will know more in an hour than you do now. It’s all about getting started! You might not do it the first time or the first week or the first month! But, it will happen. Its not a competition between you and the person your standing next to, the only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday. We use resistance bands similar to the assisted dip machine on the main floor. They effectively reduce your body weight, so that you can easily perform a pull up and you gradually reduce the size and strength of the band, until you can knock out the holy grail of an unassisted pull-up.