Are the sauna’s included in the membership pricing?

Our infrared saunas are available for use during staffed hours and are open to members and non-members at a rate of $20 and $30 per session respectively. Infrared differs from the traditional steam saunas; click here for all the wonderful benefits.

Absolutely not! Anyone is welcome in our Far Infra Red Saunas. Members do get discounts and priority over bookings, so it is worth talking to a membership consultant about our competitive prices and options available.

Absolutely! We have 2 and 3 person saunas available. It is easier to sauna with a friend as you have someone to sit and chat with to take your mind off the heat!

We have had very good results in our saunas who suffer from this due to the dry nature, no humidity and windows looking onto a beautiful environment. The sounds of nature and natural aromatherapy scents that fill the room also help to calm sufferers. Asthma sufferers and others with illnesses of this nature also find the environment very soothing and therapeutic.