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Join a fitness community that never sleeps

The WA suburb of Canning Vale is home to the Roar Fitness centre which is ideally suited to the people of this Perth suburb who enjoy leading healthy lifestyles. You will absolutely love Roar Fitness for the convenience it offers you and great value for money. The instructors and trainers will help you to achieve amazing results in an energetic environment which makes your training session gratifying.

Offering Canning Vale a full range of recreational facilities, the 24/7 gym in WA is perfect for people of different backgrounds and varying schedules. Accommodating to busy homemakers and professionals alike, you will no longer battle to fit daily gym sessions into your schedule. Aligned with the speed of local of life, Roar Fitness has fitness, and personal training classes and services fit for everyone.

For individuals who enjoy a fun, supportive exercise experience, group training classes are available. You can take part in an assortment of interactive group fitness classes in Canning Vale, including CrossFit, barbell classes, and the popular spin classes. With CrossFit training growing in popularity across the country and the world, Roar Fitness offers a full programme of classes, also catering for children through tailored CrossFit for Kids classes.

The main aim of our workout space is to provide a supportive exercise and healthy living environment for our patrons. Our qualified exercise trainers and therapists are available to you for extended hours, presenting superior fitness services at affordable prices. Roar Fitness rivals many gyms in Canning Vale, offering unlimited access to fitness classes for casual gym-goers, to dedicated gym bunnies.

The Roar Fitness centre is ideally suited to the people of this Perth suburb who enjoy leading healthy lifestyles.

We have a variety of amenities to support your healthy and holistic lifestyle. Visit our infrared sauna after your workout to sweat the toxins out of your system. Hungry? Fill up on a healthy drink or snack at the Crush Café. All our food is locally-sourced, making this a truly local establishment. Access online schedules with ease to manage your full workout. This is just another way we bring you convenience and peace-of-mind.

Get access to a convenient fitness centre in Canning Vale which caters to your schedule and lifestyle. We encourage healthy living in, and outside the gym so join us today and start leading a healthy lifestyle.

Still not sure? Contact us and let us help you to make a decision.