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A busy schedule is no longer a reason to miss out on your workout session.

Attaining washboard abs and maintaining a year-round summer body can be challenging even for the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts. When you add a busy schedule into the mix and unrelenting obligations, and you’ll be hard-pressed to make time for a gym session. Fortunately, the Roar Fitness centre in Cockburn has the perfect answer to your predicament – a 24-hour gym. You have never known convenience like this before.

Giving you the flexibility to schedule your workouts into your calendar, Roar Fitness is built to compliment every lifestyle. You can access a full service of fitness training equipment day or night. Drop your children off at our in-house crèche or enrol them in a CrossFit class for kids while you go about your workout.

While accessing our Cockburn facilities, you can take part in the group fitness classes, including CrossFit training sessions, yoga, boxing, and many more using our state-of-the-art equipment. Also available at our Cockburn facilities are personal training services, lending a professional touch to your workout sessions.

You have never known convenience like this before.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; we live our commitment to building better people. The gym is equipped with internet access and TVs, keeping you connected to all your entertainment platforms without missing a beat.

It’s comforting to know that although life doesn’t get easier, we have made fitting exercise into your routine a lot easier and more convenient for you. At Roar Fitness, we are dedicated to creating an environment which is comfortable for people from all walks of life, while supporting your overall efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Cockburn fitness training location is one of two Roar Fitness centres in the greater Perth and WA area, with facilities that rival the best fitness centres you can think of. Our team of personal trainers are led by head coaches who are passionate about healthy living, and well-trained in fitness sciences, boasting years of experience and success stories to share. You get all of this at a very reasonable price too.

What are you waiting for? Take a step towards a healthy future and join Roar Fitness today to get access to a safe and convenient local gym, anytime you wish. For more information, contact us.