Start the New Year right!

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January can fly by, before you know it February has arrived, and those New Year’s resolutions have become wishful thinking from a distant memory. 

Don’t fall into the same trap this year, and don’t let the same old excuses stop you in 2021. 

CAUTION – Here are some hard truths about the most common excuses for not working out.

EXCUSE #1 “I’m too tired” 

Exercise is the solution if you find yourself saying this. Research shows exercising on a regular basis increases your energy levels and improves your quality of sleep 😴

EXCUSE #2 “Exercise is boring” “I’ve got no motivation”

Try working out with a friend, exercising with a workout buddy increases motivation and consistency. Or you can try group fitness, Roar memberships include unlimited group fitness. We have classes for everything, from HIIT to spin. 🚴

EXCUSE #3 “I can’t afford the gym”

Not anymore, sign up at any Roar Fitness gym this month and pay $1 a day! * T&C’s Apply.


Bibra Lake