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RFX CrossfitMeet the Coaches

Clinton Hodgkins - Manager and Head Programmer, Head Coach Cockburn

Clinton Hodgkins

I have always been big into self-improvement and have an insatiable appetite for learning and teaching myself and other people how to become a better version of themselves. Helping my clients achieve their goals makes me extremely happy and satisfied and I will stop at nothing to make this a reality!

I’m constantly reading and learning best practices on as many aspects of fitness as I can! My passion definitely falls within Anatomy and Physiology. I love studying the deep inner workings of our body to discover and implement the best strategies I can to improve strength and energy system performance. I tend to always be glued to a book or article to help expand my knowledge and improve my athlete’s performance. Human movement has always be fascinating to me as I just see the body a working machine of motors and pulleys, this has helped me a lot especially when it comes to dealing with people who have injuries or rehabilitation issues as I understand the underlying movement pattern or muscle/tissue dysfunctions that cause issues and can work incrementally to build strength and movement in these areas.

My Personal CrossFit Journey is fairly typical. Early on I did everything wrong… Over-trained, moved in faulty patterns, didn’t strategize my programming and ended up with a couple of injuries that stopped me from training for 6 months. This led me to reach out to as many people as I could and study as much as I could to find better training methodologies and to understand why injuries and over-training occur. I have since Approached training in a well thought out methodical process to ensure my clients achieve their goals and mitigate as much risk as they can.

I am a Tall athlete (194cm) which is not ideal for CrossFit I have always had to work hard to achieve progress in my training. I’m not especially know for my gas tank but do like lifting heavy, anything cyclical and anything awkward or skill based. Some of my recent PB’s include: 117.5kg Snatch, 150kg Clean, 150kg Split Jerk, 2km row TT 6:29, 10:00 Max calorie Assault 203 calories. My biggest weakness would be high volume squatting and Gymnastics, specifically C2B Pull-ups and HSPU. I recently just made 13 strict HSPU UB which is low compared to my other athletes but a super proud moment for me who has struggled with this movement for years!

Programming for RFX CrossFit is one of the most rewarding jobs. Being able to see people follow your programs and achieve Fitness goals they never through were even possible is very satisfying. I also privately program for over 10 individual athletes and deliver one on one training sessions focusing on movement Quality, technique and rehabilitation.

I am well aware that everyone has their own path to follow and we are there to help you succeed! I can’t wait to meet you and help you with your fitness journey!


  • Cert iv in Fitness
  • Cert iii in Fitness
  • Cert iv in Massage Therapy
  • Cert iv in Training and Assessment
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate (CF-L1)
  • CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate
  • Level 1 Olympic Weight Lifting Sports Power Coach
  • Level 1 & 2 AIK Kettlebell Trainer
  • Training Think Tank – Assessment Course
  • Training Think Tank – Energy Systems Course
  • Training Think Tank – Strength Course
  • TRX Team Trainer

Corey Williams - Head Coach Canning Vale

Corey Williams

From the moment I joined a CrossFit gym in 2013 I knew I had come across something a truly loved. It wasn’t long until I took my new found hobby and turned it into a career. I have always wanted a job where I could help people and becoming a CrossFit coach has allowed me to do exactly that. One of the things I enjoy most about CrossFit is the community aspect. As a coach I am proud of every athlete but what makes me even happier is seeing other members support each other till the very end.

I have always enjoyed learning and the fitness industry is forever changing which keeps me constantly on my toes. If you ever see me around the gym please feel free to say hi if we haven’t met.


  • Cert iv in Fitness
  • Cert iii in Fitness
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate (CF-L1)
  • Level 1 Olympic Weight Lifting Sports Power Coach

Tammy Hodgkins - Coach, CrossFit Kids Program Manager

Tammy Hodgkins

I started my fitness journey at a very young age. Being an overweight child and teen was tough and I had an overwhelming urge to help other people in the same situation. I grew up in a household that allowed chocolates and treats as a reward for having one or two bites of your veggies. I realised that this was not okay and that is where it all began.

I joined a support group for healthy eating and began working out 4-5 times a week, losing over 20kgs of body fat. I then went on to study my honours in human movement science. University was one of the best experiences of my life and I was given the opportunity to work at Iron Man South Africa Events, Corporate Adventure races and I also volunteered in the sport science centre where I was able to work alongside extremely talented Biokineticists and Sport Scientists.

After completing my studies I worked for an orthopaedic surgeon who owned Power Plate South Africa. During this time I worked with men and women who were recovering from lumbar fusions, who were overweight and I also trained children who had low muscle tone. Working with children was also a huge passion and I thought about going into teaching but I only wanted to teach fitness!

My family immigrated to Australia and I was lucky enough to meet my husband who encouraged me to start CrossFit after he changed his career and became a Personal Trainer. CrossFit changed everything and it is now the very sport that we live and breathe and all our fellow CrossFitters have become our “family”. I worked as an exercise physiologist on a number of mine site, drill ships and rigs. We started our own CrossFit affiliate and ran that for over a year and I then went on to work for RFX CrossFit as a support coach and CrossFit kids coach. I enjoy seeing my CrossFit kids and adults grow to love the sport and gain more confidence with each passing week.

I started a 6 week healthy eating challenge which became extremely popular in our CrossFit community and all over Western Australia. Although exercise is a great way to start a journey towards a healthy lifestyle, I felt the need to educate people on healthy eating and assist them with fuelling their body for exercise. I have helped so many men and women achieve their weight and fat loss goals and have helped a lot of other clients gain lean muscle mass. I have designed many food plans via correspondence for multiple clients as they live remotely.

My goal for the future is to help and teach! To help people to achieve their goals, whether it be weight loss, to become fit, to be healthy or to be an elite athlete. To teach people about nutrition and exercise and how to move correctly to avoid injury. I want everyone to have sufficient knowledge to be able to make better choices but to also enjoy life and exercise as much as we do, because it so much fun and extremely rewarding.


  • Cert iii in Fitness
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate (CF-L1)
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer Certificate
  • Level 1 Olympic Weight Lifting Sports Power Coach

Ken Barnett - Coach

Ken Barnett

I have always had a passion for fitness and came across CrossFit 2 years ago. As a teenager, I played multiple sports such as football, soccer, baseball, basketball, rowing, tennis, swimming and athletics. I have always been competitive from a young age and loved staying active.

I first started CrossFit back at The Cell CrossFit in 2014 then moved to RFX CrossFit when it opened in 2015. I have competed in many local competitions and working towards being the best athlete I can possibly be under Clint Hodgkins. The thing I love about CrossFit and RFX is the community behind it and love seeing members achieve things they thought were never possible!

I have my Cert III and IV in Fitness and have my CrossFit level 1. I was previously a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness and also did outdoor group training for 2 years. I have always had a passion for helping others and hope to encourage, motivate and create excitement at the box.

I also want to provide as much knowledge as possible to all members and push people to be a better version of themselves.


  • Cert IV in Fitness
  • Cert III in Fitness
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate (CF-L1)

Finley Johnson - Coach

Finley Johnson

I have been CrossFitting for 5 years and coaching CrossFit for 4 and a half years. I have a military background and played rugby until my early 20s. I get a thrill out of most mental and physical challenges. My approach to coaching is a fun one. I love seeing people smile, whether its due to crushing a goal, hitting a PR or just having a good time. The more fun the better the results.

As a competitive CrossFitter, I have competed in a lot of local comps where I have had a handful of podium finishes. I also competed in the team format at the 2015 Pacific Regionals. I am here to help so please pick my brain!


  • Cert III Gym Instructor
  • Cert IV Personal Trainer
  • CrossFit Certified Coach Level 1
  • CrossFit Certified Coach Level 2
  • Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach
  • State Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach
  • Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach Course
  • Australian Institute of Kettlebells Level 1&2
  • UCanRow2 Instructor Course
  • Senior First Aid

Marek Blackman - Coach

Marek Blackman

First things first I would not say I’m a natural athlete, in fact up until about 7 years ago the word athlete wasn’t even in my vocabulary. Coming from a hospitality background which I started at a young age, enabled me to travel Australia, however wasn’t the healthiest lifestyle. My main exercise was surfing. When planning to start a family, I started to take an interest in my own health and fitness. A really good friend in the armed forces introduced me to the world of CrossFit where I immediately fell in love with the methodology and saw the results.

This then lead me to complete my CrossFit Level 1 and start a new career path in the fitness industry. Since then I have completed my Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness and worked with clients in and out of gyms/boxes and also my home studio. My favourite workout is Murph, and I love a good chipper. Please feel free to come and say hi, I’m always happy to have a chat.


  • Cert III & IV Fitness
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Working with Children
  • Senior First Aid

Jessica Bailie - CrossFit Kids Coach

Jessica Bailie

I started CrossFit 2 weeks after moving to Perth from South Africa 4 years ago. It took only one class to know this is exactly what I wanted to do. It was the opposite to what I thought it would be like. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, it was so much fun and such a supportive environment. The community was what I loved about it most. I have always done sport and lived an active lifestyle, but CrossFit changed my life, not only physically but mentally.

After 3 years of doing CrossFit and having a career in the fitness industry, I decided to take the leap and complete my CrossFit Level 1 qualification which then enabled me to coach.
I love teaching people how to move their body correctly and help them achieve goals they never thought possible. There is no better feeling than a member hitting that new PB.

I love competing in local comps. There is something about being out on the competition floor that I am addicted to, testing how far I have come and pushing myself to my limits.
Call me crazy but my favourite type of workouts are the long chippers. My least favourite are the short and sharp ones, and because of this, I do them the most so I can learn to love them. Through consistent hard work, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!


  • Diploma in Fitness
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer
  • Senior First Aid

Liam De Jong - Coach

Liam De Jong

I have always been into my health and fitness and came across Crossfit in 2012. At the time I had a background in Aussie Rules Football and Muay Thai kickboxing and wanted to get stronger but keep my fitness up at the same time, so I decided to join a CrossFit gym in 2012. I started training a couple times a week but it didn’t take long until I became addicted due to the variety and movements Crossfit has to offer. I signed myself up for an unlimited membership and have never looked back since.

After training for 4 years and reflecting on the amount of knowledge I had learnt from other coaches, athletes and seminars, I decided to become a coach and once again I have never looked back. I am always eager to pass on any knowledge I have to other athletes so they can reach their goals and be the best versions of themselves, while striving to continue learning to become the best coach and athlete I can be myself.

I love competing in local competitions, especially as a team. To me one of the best parts about coaching and CrossFit is the community. Every day is fun and there are plenty of positive vibes running though the gym which makes my job even more special. My favourite Olympic lift is the snatch, and I love everything about gymnastics from muscle ups to handstands. I think it is important to work on your weaknesses, so for me that means working on overhead strength and my mental strength.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • Senior First Aid

Jamie Gould - Coach in Training

Jamie Gould

I have always had a very active lifestyle as a child competing in sports such as Football and Basketball. After a couple years of general gym I decided I would give CrossFit a go. It only took one class and I was hooked. The atmosphere, competitiveness and community is what kept me coming back. After 3 and a half years of competing in many CrossFit competitions I decided I wanted to start helping others on their CrossFit journey, the same way the coaches have helped me. While I am still very new to coaching, I feel I have a lot to offer athletes at all levels. If you ever have any questions or just want a chat, don’t be afraid to come say hello.


  • Certificate 3&4 in Fitness
  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach (As of 28th April)
  • Senior First Aid