When it comes to fitness, it is essential to make sure you find the perfect program, sport or workout style that best suits you! As we make our way through several programs or classes, the road to finding your perfect routine can be daunting. However, if you find yourself struggling to find the motivation to workout alone, but still searching for a powerful weight training workout then perhaps it’s time to give RFX CrossFit a try!

So what are the benefits of RFX CrossFit?

More Personalised Attention

If you are someone who loves working out with others, but is still searching for intensity then RFX is your answer! Each of our RFX classes consists of a series of intense CrossFit based training exercises, that utilises cardio and weights, while also being surrounded by others performing the same task. You’ll get the personalised attention of working with a professional, but broken up between multiple people who are in the same boat. As well, the class sizes are just big enough for each member to have one on one time with a coach so they can get the best out of you each session. You’ll leave each class feeling like you learned something new and got an intense workout all while immersed in a supportive community of like minded people.


Working out alongside others, whether it in be a circuit-style setup or even weights, can be more motivating than compared to working out alone. Having someone there with you, performing the workouts under the instruction of a coach, forces you to not only push yourself to keep up but offers a supportive energy so you can easily jump back in when you feel yourself slipping.


Each RFX class session is guided by industry professionals who are knowledgeable about all different kinds of exercises you perhaps would never have learned on your own. When we go to the gym alone, we tend to follow the same routines and are limited with how much variety we can incorporate. Whereas a qualified coach will set up different exercises, ones you may have never heard of, that will also help target your goals and prevent the entire group from a plateau.
As well, you get to experience the variety of exercises with others who are learning as well, so you all can support one another throughout the entire process.

Fun and Results

When working together as a group you have the luxury of seeing your fitness progress in relation to others in your group, and together you can celebrate success while also working out new methods to accomplish even more!

Working together as a team and having that camaraderie can be a much more encouraging, then if you were left on your own. So if you are someone who enjoys a group environment and a powerful workout then RFX CrossFit is your solution! Sign up today!