Best Wearable Technologies For Fitness

When it comes to fitness we are always looking for new methods to improve our performance and yield even stronger results. That is why it is so important to track your every move in order to know where you are lacking! Besides a body scanner, one of the best technologies that help you track your ever fitness is through wearable technology! This fitness trend has gained fame in recent years for good reason, as these technologies can take your fitness to the next level!

So what exactly is the best wearable technology? Well, let us shed some light!


FitBit - Best For Running, Walking and Everything Overall

Walking down the street you are sure to see at least one person checking their FitBit to see how many steps they achieved! Yes, this piece of wearable technology has gained exponential fame over the past year for good reason! FitBit measures everything from your resting heart rate and your daily speed and steps. As well, it tracks your sleep, has a 24/7 heart monitor, tracks your sleep, sends through smartphone notifications and more! A FitBit allows you to set your goals and tracks your progress so you can get the most out of your fitness and improve the quality of life.

Moov Now – Swimming

The only downside of most wearable technology is that they aren’t waterproof. That is to say, everything except Moov Now. Moov Now is a fitness tracker for the pool! Yes, this watch keeps track of your stroke type, rate, distance, and efficiency, as well as lap time, and an overall indicator of your pool stamina! It serves as a swimming coach and helps set new goals. In addition, Moov Now can also track running and cycling. This all in one little piece of technological heaven is a great fitness companion for both water and land! However, the only downside is that it doesn't have a screen so you won’t be able to have a visual representation!

Nexus - CrossFit

As wearable technology is becoming more immersed in the fitness community, it only makes sense to bring out a gadget for CrossFit! Nexus is suggested as one of the best wearable technologies for CrossFit and it measures automatic exercise detection, repetition counting, round-by-round splits, cadence, a work-to-rest ratio figure and even a power metric that calculates intensity. The main objective of Nexus, similar to Moov Now is to essentially have a coach right there on your arm every step of the way! The Nexus also breaks down your performance once the workout is complete. This technology comes as a wearable sleeve, so it’s easy to wear while pumping the iron!

MyZone – Overall, Progress & Weights

When it comes to overall working out MyZone is the to go technology! MyZone is a wearable technology that is all about simply tracking your effort! It does this by keeping track of your heart rate, and your heart rate zones then giving you MyZone points based on how hard your heart was working! The MyZone uses five coloured zones to quantify your efforts, the heart rate recorded determines which zone you are in and for every minute spent in each zone you are giving a certain amount of effort in points! When you begin, MyZone bases your results on generic information such as your age or weight, but as your progress it will begin to base your workout on past performance and keep you competing against yourself! Not to mention, your results will be projected on a screen so you can have an easy visual representation while working out! MyZone is easy to wear and is comfortable every step of the way!

With the abundance of wearable technology options available at every corner, it can be difficult to navigate exactly which one is best suited for you! We suggest taking these options into consideration as these are some of the best options in the market! Increase your progress and results for an even more fulfilling fitness experience!