Body composition scanners are a relatively new piece of equipment that you may find in your gym. As the benefits of these scanners and the invaluable contribution they can make to your fitness journey are realised, they are bound to become a gym staple. But what does a body scanner actually do and why should you be using one?

We all do it! When we start a weight loss journey it’s so easy to focus on the scales and how much you weigh. In some cases, this can actually dictate the success or failure of said journey. It’s easy to get discouraged and lose motivation when you are noticing changes in your body but ‘The Scales’ tell another story. What we all forget, or in some cases don’t know, is there is so much more to becoming fit and healthy than merely measuring weight.

Body Composition is used to describe the make-up of your body in terms of fat, muscle, water and bone. Having these numbers in front of you can be a great incentive for you to start your fitness journey. Regular tracking then allows you to monitor your progress and keep you moving forward. Having a before and after scan, once you have reached your fitness goals, will show you just how far you have come. You can find out more on the importance of body composition in our post What is Body Composition & Why it’s Important.

Enter the Body Composition Scanner.

Body scanners provide a range of different metrics. To generate these, a safe, low intensity electrical current if passed through the body via tactical points on the machine (hands and feet). In very basic terms (for those of us not into all the science stuff) the resistance to flow of this current, allows the machine to determine the difference between muscle mass, fat mass (including both visceral and subcutaneous), water and minerals. All in under 60 seconds!

Having an understanding of these metrics and what your levels are for each allows you to visualise your starting point and then track your progress as you gain muscle and lose fat. Better yet, they give you a visual to go along with this data, so you have a clear idea of the areas you need to work on. This is also a great way to keep you motivated and on track each week - regardless of what the scales say!

Here at Roar Fitness we use the latest top of the line Evolt 360 Scanner. The incorporation of five specific personalised variables (height, weight, gender, age and impedance) provides a more accurate body composition than other scanners on the market.

So, what can you expect when you come in for your scan?

The session will be led by one of our Fitness Consultants and generally lasts around 5 minutes. Expect to be asked specific questions relating to your current health & fitness goals. Such as: 

  • Describe your current training routine and or progress?
  • What are your desirable outcomes and why are these important? 
  • What key areas do you really want to focus on?

Next, it’s scan time! We recommend you dress comfortably for your session. You will be asked to remove shoes, socks and any jewellery before hopping on the scanner.

While we understand it’s not always possible, the ideal time and conditions for your scan would be:

  • First thing in the morning after emptying the bladder
  • In a fasted state (i.e. No food prior to scanning)
  • Well hydrated
  • No consumption of caffeine or caffeine containing supplements
  • No training or activity that raises your body temperature

You can still have your scan if you don’t meet all of these conditions but it’s important to make sure that any subsequent scans are done under similar conditions.

Once your scan is done, you will receive a printout outlining both your current and recommended Percentage of Body Fat; Bone and Mineral Mas; Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat Levels; and Segmented Lean Body Mass and Fat Mass

Finally, your Fitness Consultant will have a brief chat to make sure you understand the information from your scan and what it means; provide support around key areas like nutrition, general programming and Personal Training recommendations; discuss any challenges you may have and advise on how to best overcome these; and make a recommendation on how often you should reassess your results. 

Whether you are looking to start, refine or take your fitness journey to the next level; understanding your body composition and making informed decisions on how to progress and areas to focus on, is bound to get you off to a great start. To speak to one of our Fitness Consultants or to book your body scan now please see our friendly reception staff in club or send us an enquiry through our website.