How to grow a booty

Having a big, strong, firm and tight booty has to be by far the biggest craze right now, heavily influenced by American celebrities.

Having a booty partly comes down to genetics however it’s not all doom and gloom!

Exercising the muscle:

Doing glute activation exercises at the beginning of a workout like glute bridges will help to turn the glutes on, then following on to leg day weights training.

Laying off cardio:

Steady state running on a flat surface is good for the heart but it is definitely not going to help you grow a booty, if anything it will achieve quite the opposite. Instead if you are doing cardio opt for HIIT like incline sprints and stairs, or plyometric  training that incorporate box jumps, squat jumps and split jumps.


Stretching is crucial, truth is the average person hardly uses their glutes on a daily bases, because we do not sit below 90 degrees and when we try to our hip flexors and hamstrings are so tight from sitting on chairs all day that we do not have the mobility.

Cellulite and its link with Nutrition and Hydration:

Cellulite is a build up of fat stores, this is partly related to high estrogen hormone levels. How you rid this is majority by cleaning up your nutrition, eating less processed foods, eating lean protein, good fats, good carbs and lots of vegetable. Also drinking plenty of water.


If you look at a picture of a fitness model you will see that they have a built upper body to match their lower body which creates the illusion of a small waist line and accentuates the glutes.

You can achieve this look by building up your shoulders through shoulder press and delt variation exercises, growing back width through exercises like lat pull down, building bigger arms with bicep and tricep variations and doing abdominal work.

Specific Exercises:

Leg day is important and to build your entire lower body not just isolating the glutes. Here are some weight lifting exercises you can incorporate into your leg day training program:

  • Squats below 90 degrees if your mobility allows you to (include sumo stance)
  • Deadlifts (include sumo stance)
  • Weighted hip thrusters leaning on a bench
  • Walking lunges or stationary with the back foot elevated on a step
  • Single legged squat (TRX Can help with this)
  • Glute kickbacks

Thanks for reading, happy booty growing!

Jaime Mackie – Personal Trainer.