37 year old, Administrator Casey Gemmell shares her story on how she lost a whopping 70+ Kilograms and how this has impacted her life!

Describe your body issues before you decided to make steps for change? How did this impact your life?  I thought I was happy, I loved being a wife and mother but really looking back now that’s all I was. I am now so much more than that! I’m still a wife but also a companion to hang out with, go on walks with, do fun things with when I always just chose to stay at home.  I had a lot of internal issues from my childhood and I hide them within each layer of fat, almost like each layer was a year of unhappiness. The mental issues are still there and probably a little more apparent now as I don’t have my 70+ kilo shield but I am working on them slowly.

Where there any key issues/experiences that motivated the change in mindset? Moving to a city where people take pride in their appearance, feeling unattractive in front of my husband, not fitting down slides with my kids, not being able to turn the steering wheel of the car without negotiating my stomach, so many and they all just came crashing on to me at once and I was like “ENOUGH” I need to try harder to make that change.  After trying everything from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers, every pill potion and lotion I wasn’t expecting to succeed, sometimes I still can’t believe I have come this far and not given up.

What steps did you take to make the change? Did you have any good influences? Or did you strive for change with your own self-motivation? My husband Julian has been the biggest most amazing support from day one, after seeing me given up at everything I ever started so I was not expecting his full support on this journey. I believed I’d have to earn it! But no, for the first 8 weeks on the 5k runner app he was right there beside me every day pushing our son in the pram encouraging me to not stop, praising every tiny achievement along the way.  To this day as much as this journey has been one of self-motivation and self-discovery I could not have done it without him.  He is so proud of me and tells me every day and shows me in many ways.  My small changes have made a HUGE difference in our family unity.

What exercise did you first introduce and where are your fitness levels now? On the 27th September 2012,  I went from the couch to the 5K app where I couldn’t even do day one (which was run for 30 seconds and then walk for 90 seconds and repeat 6 times).  Now I run anywhere between 5-8 km’s (still a slight struggle as I aim to beat my time every time). I can squat, get down to my child’s level on the floor and back up again without touching the floor with my hands, I can go down slides & rides and I can even fit on a swing at the park.  My fitness levels are fantastic and constantly improving with the help of Brad at Roar.  My mobility in squatting and lunging has come 100% in these past 4 months!

When did you first join Roar Fitness 247 and how has Roar fixed/improved/helped your transformation? What has been your experience so far at the club? I joined Roar after losing 72 kilos, rocking up at 88 kilos I thought I was super fit as I ran at least 4 times per week! I had no idea how to use equipment so I just biked and ran on the treadmill.  It wasn’t until Brad (Personal Trainer) came along and I completed a 28 day programme with Torie did I realise I wasn’t as fit as I thought. My fitness level now is completely different! I have learnt how to use muscles and joints I didn’t know where meant to move.  I have gained 5 kilos since redeveloping my training and building muscle mass and toning.  I really love it at Roar!

What your life is like now? AWESOME!

Any tips, advice or motivation quote we can share? “tough times don’t last, tough people do”