It’s no surprise in our fast paced world that over 40 million adults suffer from anxiety-related issues. Something that can start off so small, by simply overworking yourself or eating the wrong foods, can lead to major anxiety issues down the line. In the long run, constant anxiety can reduce the quality of your life and put you at risk of health issues in your future, setting you up for disaster! However, if you are one of the 40 million, don’t fret, as you are not helpless in the fight against anxiety, and there is a anti anxiety medication you can use that is free, fun, and all around beneficial…exercise!

Research has proven that fitness is vital for mental health, and even a simple walk can quickly reduce an anxious and depressive mood, and lead to hours of relief. In addition, active people have lower rates of anxiety and depression than sedentary people. And one study has shown that those who get regular exercise were 25 percent less likely to develop a depression or anxiety disorder over the next five years of their life!

So How Does This Magical Cure Work So Well?

  • Eliminates Unused Energy - A major cause of anxiety is unused energy! Human bodies are constantly wanting to move and exert themselves, however in our world of office jobs and sedentary lifestyle, it's easy to not find the time and build up energy and develop anxiety. A buildup of unused energy can lead first to physical tension, and then to mental tension if it goes untreated. A simple workout helps to release such energy and tension and significantly burn up energy leading to a tension less and more relax state of being, thus helping curb anxiety.
  • Reduces Cortisol: When you are stressed out your body quickly releases the stress hormone cortisol! Cortisol had a place back in our primitive days where we needed it in times of danger, as it is our ‘fight or flight’ hormone! The same applies today, but the only difference is that back in the day you would run away, find a safe place, and then the cortisol would decrease. However today, we are under CONSTANT stress so that hormone level doesn’t just go away, it stays, lingers and turns into anxiety! Exercise can bring those levels of cortisol back down to normal, thus releasing anxiety tension!
  • Endorphins - Since we are on the topic of hormones, exercise releases our happy hormones ENDORPHINS! When we become naturally flooded with endorphins our bodies find it easier to relax, curbing issues like depression and sadness.
  • Diet and Sleep - Many don’t realise that anxiety and depressive related issues are also tightly connected to diet and sleep! We all have experienced it, waking up on a morning after a long sleep in and feeling happy, relaxed, and excited for the day! It is essential for our mental health to get proper diet and adequate amounts of sleep, however many of us find it hard to fall asleep and eat healthy! When we exercise, our bodies release the energy, enhancing our sleep and mental well being. When you get your body moving it sets you down a healthier path and you may find yourself more inclined to eat properly and stick to a healthier, stress-free lifestyle!

Over time, anxiety and stress can lead to fatal health issues and severely decrease your life quality! Start paving your anti anxiety path to health today and develop a fitness regime that works for you and your life! Nothing is more precious than your health, so start taking care of it today!