Izzy Beeston from Ambitious Bodies shares the how and why to achieve a sensational bikini body. And if her body is testament to its effectiveness, its evident she knows her stuff!

Follow the below workout to see success!


Treadmill HIIT

  • 2min incline walk warm up
  • 30sec sprint on / 30sec rest off x10 sets
  • 2min walk cool down

Glute Activation

  • Laying Frog Pumps & Knee Flutters

Supersets x 3

  • Romanian Deadlift x20 |V-Snaps x20
  • Stiletto DB Squats x20 | Seated Row x20
  • Banded Leg Press x20 | DB Shoulder Press *sit on Fitball x20



HIIT cardio is a fantastic and fast way to smash the heart rate and promote fat-loss. Not only will your heart rate hit max, it will stay heightened for hours post and can increase your metabolism up to 48hours.

Glute Activation is crucial for promoting the glutes to fire and therefore a nice peachy butt. It is easy for our helping muscles such as the hamstrings, lower back muscles and quads to take over from the glutes.

Romanian Deadlifts (stiff-legged) target the hamstrings and glutes, but work the entire posterior chain tremendously. Ensure weight in heels, shoulder blades back and perfect netural spine posture.

V-snaps are a good burn for the abs. Sit on the end of a bench, extend legs out and lean back, then crunch ribs down and knees to chest (extend and crunch).

Stiletto Squats are squats with your heels highly elevated on a step platform. The benefit of this is that is keeps your posture far more upright, and burns the quads, therefore encouraging healthy knees.

Seated Row is perfect for improving posture by strengthening the back. Squeezing your shoulder blades together with chest lifted with help reverse rounded shoulders and forward slunch posture.

Banded Leg Press allows more focus on the glutes with the lateral tension on your glute-med (side butt). Again this will help tone and shape your booty!

DB Shoulder Press will help give you nice toned shoulders and arms. Sitting on a fitball will simultaneously work your core! Perfect for pelvic floor strengthening therefore great for pre and post natal mummas.

This workout hits all muscle groups! It is important to ensure you train all muscles of the body, paying extra attention to your weakest points, and spending time stretching and loosening your tight muscles.

For more workouts or tips email: IzzyBeeston@ambitiousbodies.com.au