Growing up we’re told milk is essential to build strong and healthy bodies! However, cow’s milk isn’t the only drink that offers a source of essential nutrients. Coconut milk is stealing the spotlight as it shares the same texture but with nutrient-rich benefits that blows cow’s milk out of the water!

What is coconut milk you might ask?

Coconut milk is the liquid drained from grated coconut meat (the white stuff inside coconuts). Different than the popular coconut water (which is the liquid found inside the centre of coconuts), coconut milk is packed full of nutrients and is amazing milk alternative.


The Advantages

  • Iron: One cup of coconut milk provides you with 3.9 milligrams of iron, which is close to half of the recommended daily intake for men, and 22% of the daily intake for women. Why Iron? Iron is important for your metabolism and daily cell functioning. Iron is essential when weight training (or all forms of exercise for that matter) as it plays a major role in energy production and muscle function!
  • Copper: Coconut milk contains 71% of the recommended daily intake of Copper, containing 638 micrograms, while cow’s milk offers only 24 micrograms per serve. Why Copper? Copper, as well as iron, plays a major role in energy production. In addition, copper is essential for training as it keeps your immune system strong, prevents arthritis (as it contains anti-inflammatory properties) and collagen production (required for resilient connective tissues and building muscle)!
  • Niacin/B-3: One cup of coconut milk offers 1.8 milligrams of Niacin/B3 (13% of the recommended daily intake for women, and 11% for men). Whereas a serving of cow’s milk only offers a measly 0.23 milligrams, nowhere near the amount found in coconut milk. Why Niacin/B-3? Niacin/B3 helps you metabolise your food nutrients so that you can store them and later use for energy. In addition, Niacin/B-3 lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease, helps with joint mobility, and supports the collagen production for skin health (to combat the brutal summer sun)!
  • It’s Vegan and Lactose-Free!: One of the MAJOR benefits of coconut milk is that it is vegan and lactose free. Since the milk derived from a fruit (not an animal), coconut milk is a healthy and ideal substitute for people who have strict dietary restrictions. Offering the same creamy texture as cow’s milk but with several additional health benefits, coconut milk is ideal for recipes such as curries, smoothies, etc.

It is no surprise that we use Coconut milk at our CRUSH CAFÉ, offering a healthier alternative for our smoothies and other pre/post workout snacks that everyone can healthily (and safely) enjoy!

Grab a coconut milk smoothie after/or before your next workout and see for yourself!