It’s hard enough squeezing a healthy and fit lifestyle into a busy schedule, let alone finding enough money for a gym or a personal trainer. However, not allocating the time or finances for fitness and health can lead you down a terrible path and in the long haul and set you up for future health risks.

When it comes to fitness, finances should be the least of your worries, but unfortunately for many it seems to take a priority when deciding to join a gym!

A possible solution? Your healthcare provider might be your knight in shining armor. This typical bind that everyday people find themselves might not even exist thanks to your health insurance!

Many health insurance policies, specifically extras policies, are now covering memberships for health and lifestyle programs! Some health insurance policies will offer a discount or rebate on your fitness memberships, sometimes up to hundreds of dollars a year, depending on your health insurance policy. This means that the cost of your monthly membership, gym, crossfit, group fitness or other exercise programs can be seriously discounted or covered.
How to Find Out?
Begin by asking your current Health Insurer what they offer in terms of ‘health management benefits’, ‘healthy lifestyle benefits’, ‘or wellness benefits’ that you might be of interest to you. In addition, ask what is required by your provider to claim the money.

For example, some providers require a fully devised fitness plan from a recognised and certified personal trainer, others simply require sight of your gym agreement or bank receipts. Depending on what your personal health insurer covers, you may be able to claim a certain amount per year on additional lifestyle products. Roar Physiotherapy, Infrared Sauna’s, Personal Training etc.

Wait, What Are the Exclusions?
As with everything, depending on your provider, exclusions may apply. This means that potentially one insurer may not cover the cost of a personal trainer at all, while one may cover this. You’re best to do your research, as in this highly competitive industry many insurance providers are able to tweak their policy inclusions to suit the longevity of your relationship with them.

Your health and fitness should not be hindered by your wallet, even though that is the deciding factor for so many people. If this is the case for you, it is essential to find a discount where you can, as a few dollars here and there can add up to a large chunk of savings in the long run! Ask you insurer today about their health and lifestyle benefits and set yourself up for success today!