We all know just how great we feel when we get carried away dancing to our favourite song! However, shaking your booty and having the time of your life is not only beneficial for your mental health, but just as well your physical health as well!

It is for this reason that dance based group fitness classes, such as Pole, Konga, Zumba & so much more, have gained so much popularity over the past decade!

Dance based group fitness classes have an uncanny ability to deliver an intensive all over body workout without you feeling like you are at the gym!

So what exactly are these benefits of group based fitness classes?

  • It helps you burn calories quickly & Shapes the Entire BodyClasses such as Zumba, Konga, and especially Pole Fitness utilises the entire body while simultaneously delivering an intensive cardio based workout as you keep your body moving from start to finish! The techniques taught in these classes require the use of the entire body, as you’ll be performing with both high and low impact movements that use your legs, arms, glutes and most importantly your core! This helps your entire body shape up, which is essential especially in classes such as Pole Fitness!
  • It’s good for your bones and jointsCompared to higher impact sports such as running, dance based classes don’t put as much stress on joints. In particular in Pole you care constantly strengthening your arms, hands and core, by gripping and lifting yourself about the pole! These classes eliminate the constant repetitive nature of putting pressure on joints, which help reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis and promote joint mobility!
  • It can help you have an easier time during pregnancy and at childbirth- This is especially true for Pole Fitness, as Pole fitness helps you develop incredible back, core and abdominal muscles, which in turn help minimise back pain in pregnancy and helps you have a smoother, stronger and less painful childbirth!
  • Improves coordination and rhythm- Each of these dance based group fitness classes are founded upon one important thing, your ability to DANCE! Constantly having to align your moves with different songs, having to memorise different steps in a routine and learning to work with the music all helps you improve your rhythm! In addition, utilising your entire body and strengthening your core, legs, arms, back, etc. helps promote coordination in other areas of your life! Not to mention, you’ll be learning a new skill and dance that will increase your confidence and can translate directly to the dance floor!
  • You develop greater balance and kinesthetic awarenessThis is especially true with Pole fitness, you’ll develop a stronger Kinesthetic awareness! Kinesthetic awareness is your brain’s ability to calculate where your body is located in three-dimensional space in relation to other objects around you! Developing a strong kinesthetic awareness helps you not only get stronger spatially but also helps you avoid common accidents like slipping, falling, and knocking things over, etc.
  • It helps you mentally- Moving your body to the beat of your favourite song is already therapy enough, but when you add the element of fitness it helps release even MORE endorphins that will boost your mood all throughout the day! As well brings it up to a whole new level! In addition, these dance based classes help stimulate your sensory and motor circuits in the brain which will improve memory and concentration.
  • It breaks workout monotony & FUN!- Last, but certainly not least, dance based fitness classes helps break up monotony of a typical workout and is FUN to do! These classes not only add variety to your fitness regime but challenge you as you’ll be learning new skills, techniques that will help the time FLY BY!

So if you are ready to add a bit more FUN and FLAVOUR to your workouts, then consider signing up to a group based group fitness class! Get into the best shape of your life, all while learning a new skill and immersing yourself in the lively nature of dance!