Physical activity is vital for kids development, as it not only helps increase their endorphins, but helps them grow into stronger and healthier adults! However, more than just fitness, being a part of a community or team benefits the children in ways that exercise alone couldn’t! Being part of a team teaches your child socialising skills that will carry with them into adulthood.

So what are some of the benefits of community fitness you ask? We’ve outlined below!

  • Reliable and Disciplined- Being part of a team is much more than simply exercising and winning trophies. Being part of a community helps teach important values to children, about socialising, being reliable and disciplined. Being part of a group means that you must show up for each session and respect the rules of the class or sport. As well kids develop a respect for both their coaches and teammates and learn how to work together to achieve a desired outcome. In addition, your kids will learn the value of patience, as working as a group means no one is left behind and it isn’t only about you!
  • Self Confidence- A sure fire way to build an indestructible self confidence is through learning and achieving goals. The more skills we develop as humans the more we feel competent to achieve more and reach further. Having your little one on a team team or group will help your kids learn new skills that will benefit not just themselves, but their peers as well. It is positive reinforcement when the success of one child means success for the whole group.
  • Problem Solving as a team- As well, your kids will learn to overcome obstacles, challenges, mistakes and even complacency as a group. Having your kids overcome challenges at a young age will help them build confidence to face challenges as they get older, as more obstacles come with aging!
    Time Management- Having a class or practice scheduled each day of the week and encouraging your kids to show up will help teach them the value of time management and showing up for your team. As kids get older more responsibilities will be placed on them, and as adults the responsibilities can seem endless, that is why helping them learn valuable time management skills young will carry with them through the rest of their lives.
  • Communication Skills- It goes without saying socialising your kids is essential for their happiness. Children need to be around other children their age, and experience new adventures with them, they crave interaction. In addition, your children will be able to make more friends outside of their school circles which will benefit them especially as they become teenagers.
    Mental Health & Support Network: Being a part of a community of peers that accept and value your child will help them develop a positive self image. Especially as young kids, having a positive self image is vital for self esteem as they get older and having support from kids their age can be beneficial especially as times get tough!
  • FUN- Most importantly group fitness or being a part of a team is FUN for your kids, as they get to blow off steam while interacting with their friends! As well your kids will be able to make lifelong memories, and who knows, maybe even lifelong friends!

Being a part of a fitness community, whether it be a sports team or group fitness class, can benefit your child in ways you may not have initially expected. Sign your kids up today and help build them into the best versions that they can be!