How To Control Your Calories During Christmas Dinner

The holiday season is meant for two things, spending quality time with family and, of course, the FOOD! Christmas is a time where we give ourselves the green light to eat whatever, or how much we want! And yes, it is the time to indulge, however there are some items you can afford to leave out! Instead of just over-indulging follow these tips to learn how to balance out your Christmas meal to prevent too much of a calorie overload!

Choose Mineral Water Over Soft Drink or Alcohol

It is essential to cut calories wherever you can as Christmas is always complete with a spread of calorie rich food and drinks. One of the easiest ways to cut those calories is through your drink of choice. If you are one to crave a sparkly fizzy drink with dinner, then perhaps substitute a beer, sparkling wine or soda with mineral water. Mineral water satisfies that fizzy craving with zero calories! Not to mention it will hydrate you throughout the day.

Bring a Salad or Veggies to Dinner

When choosing which dish to make for the party, our minds begin to rattle with the possibilities of the cakes or yummy, indulgent foods we can make. However, instead of bringing yet another pavlova, perhaps bring a salad or veggies. We are always more inclined to eat the foods we bring, and every meal needs greens and veggies on the side.

As well, fill your plate with half veggies and half whatever your heart desires. Filling up on these delicious and nutritious veggies will help curb those Christmas cravings and help maintain your calorie intake.

Don’t go to the Party Hungry

One of the worst things you can do that will no double cause overindulgence is rocking up to the party STARVING! However, this is something almost everyone does. As we anticipate the large lunch or dinner with hundreds of side dishes and grandma’s best sweets, we tend to limit the amount we eat before and show up ready for action. However, this leads to overeating on rich and heavy foods, leading to the notorious Christmas stomachache! To avoid this whole phenomenon eat something small leading up to the party and keep your tummy satisfied so you can refrain from the urge to stuff your face with too many goodies!

Plan Your Drinks

It would take serious will power for someone to avoid drinking all together during the holidays, as Christmas is the time for fancy and fun cocktails and champagne toasts commemorating your family and love! For this reason, instead of suggesting not drinking at all, perhaps you should consider planning out your drinks! Make sure to reduce the amount of drinks you consume, and set a strict limit to follow, instead of 5 drinks, make it 2 or 3, and space out each drink with a class of mineral water (as mentioned before mineral water will satisfy that craving while simultaneously hydrating you all day long). As well, chose drinks that are low in calorie to cut calories where you can!

Switch Pudding with Fruit

No one can resist the sweets at a Christmas party, and we wouldn’t expect that from anyone! However, that isn’t to say you can simply be wiser with your sweets! Instead filling your plate with only pudding, cakes and of the likes, fill your plate with fruit based desserts that are just as sweet but low in calorie! Fill your tummy with only the healthiest of foods!

Use these tips to balance out your Christmas calorie intake, so you can enjoy the festivities healthfully and without overindulging!