How to set and achieve New Year's Resolutions

Each year as we approach December 31st, our minds begin to fill with all the possible new year’s resolutions that we plan to set for ourselves. Each year the same story repeats itself, “I’m going for accomplish all of them”, then a month into the new year rolls around and our life is back in full swing and soon enough we lose sight of our goals! Many think that this is the natural law in life, and we are powerless against this reckoning force, however this couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

Below we outlined tips and tricks that will help you set reachable new year’s goals that will carry with you into your new year.

Commit to Working out Three Times a Week

For many of us, our new year's resolutions revolve around getting into shape. We tend to get very excited at this prospect and drive head first into an unrealistic workout schedule that will lead to an eventual burn out. To combat this common mistake, commit yourself to working out at three times a week. Begin with baby steps, don’t force yourself at the gym every day, especially if you haven’t worked out in ages, because it will overwhelm you and stop you from going all together. The biggest piece of advice is begin slow, and build up your momentum as you gain strength. Be smart about your fitness regime!

Consume More Water and Veggies

Diet is essential when it comes to losing fat or building muscle. However, similar to the workout regime, many of us get too preoccupied with eating 100% clean and take our diet to drastic measures, going from a year of unhealthy diet to a strictly no-carb diet. This, however is sure to set yourself up for failure.

When it comes to diet, patience is a virtue, as our bodies need time to adjust to new habits. Going from eating lots of sugar, to eliminating it all together can be too drastic of a change and heighten your chances of a relapse. So instead, slowly incorporate healthier foods into your everyday, for example, instead of getting fries, order a salad on the side or add more veggies as sides to your dinners. As well, strive to drink 8 cups of water a day!

Write Down Your Goals and set a Plan

Instead of having a loose idea of what you want to accomplish, write down your goals with a detailed plan. Setting a detailed plan and writing it down allows you to check it periodically to ensure you are on the right track. When you write out each step you need to take, you eliminate the uncertainty of what you need to do next, which often leads to confusion, frustration and eventually, failure. In addition, keep your written goals in a place where you check often, perhaps the bathroom mirror, or the dashboard of your car.

Don’t Have Unrealistic Time Limits

Before you begin, understand where you currently stand with your goals and how long, realistically, it will take before accomplishing your end result. Many people strive to accomplish their goals as quickly as possible, and when they don’t accomplish them by the allocated time they lose confidence and give up. This happens more often than not, and is something that is completely fixable. Set a realistic time limit with achievable steps to get there, so you refrain from burning yourself out too quickly.

Work With A Partner

If you still find yourself struggling to accomplish your goals, then perhaps it time to bring in extra support! Plan out your new year's resolutions with a partner! Sometimes our goals can be difficult to accomplish on our own, and having an extra support and give you that extra push that you may need. Design a goal plan with a partner who is striving to achieve similar goals, and work together to achieve them. Having someone there can help bring up morale and inspire you to push further each other each step of the way. In addition, having a partner to hold you accountable not only inspires you to accomplish each step, but makes the process much more enjoyable.

So if you are one of the many who never seem to accomplish their goals, then it’s time to break the cycle! Follow these steps for the best results and build a better you in 2019!