If there is one trait that every successful person has its motivation. Everyone that has accomplished their goals, and strives for self-growth all have a strong drive that is pushing them forward each and every day. Motivation is essential to not just your fitness goals, but ALL goals you set in your life. 

That being said, everyone, at one time or another, has come to a breaking point and  needed to regain their motivation to propel their life forward. In moments like that it is important to know how to raise your motivational levels and sustain them each and every day.



1- Stay Active/Focus On Your Physical Health

Many of us take for granted the importance of looking after our physical health and bodies. In fact, in times of stress, for many of us, it is the first thing that we ignore. However great physical health is essential for keeping yourself motivated.

Great physical health doesn’t necessarily mean weight lifting or intense workouts, it can be as simple as a morning walk or healthy breakfast.

A great way to keep your physical health in check is by setting an alarm and waking up at the same time each and every day to synchronize your circadian rhythms. It is important because a steady sleep schedule will help you have more energy throughout your day.

Eating nutritious meals and staying hydrated are other ways to keep your motivation levels high, as cutting down on take out or processed foods will make you feel lighter, healthier and more eager to keep active.

And lastly, a steady exercise regime. It’s essential to incorporate at least 30 minutes a day of  exercise that raises your heart rate, as this will increase your daily energy levels.

2- Learn Something New/Keep Your Mind Active

It’s easy to become complacent and fall into a habit of coming home after work and watching the TV mindlessly, however this hinders your cognitive ability and can decrease your energy in other aspects of your life.

One sure fire way to keep your mind active and increase cognitive abilities is to read on a consistent basis. Just pick a subject of interest, whether that is healthy eating, psychology, etc. and choose a challenging book and dive right into it. Reading will improve your vocabulary, and your thought process which will help in every area of your life.

You can even find a challenging subject on the internet, or perhaps on online course. With the abundance of information on the internet, it’s easy to find a subject of interest and dive right in.

3- Start a New Hobby

It’s also essential to focus on emotional health, as not giving yourself enough time to focus on doing things that you love can actually hinder your success and decrease productivity. Engaging in activities or hobbies you love generates emotional well being and re-energies your motivation.

4- Set Small and Measurable Goals

Often we can become fixated and set too many goals, and beat ourselves up when we can’t achieve the impossible standard we set for ourselves.

That's why it's important to start small. Set yourself smaller goals that can be achieved over a short period of time. For example if you want to become a body builder, set your sight on just lifting one or twice a week, then once you’ve accomplished those goals, set your sights higher and start to increase the days in which you lift. With the end result within reach the payoff comes a lot quicker.

5- Develop a Mantra

A mantra is a verbal statement that reinforces a positive mindset. They are a way of conditioning your mind and getting you into a state of mind where you become focused on a particular goal. Often used for meditation purposes, it can have an equally powerful effect on your next workout.

Decide upon a statement that resonates with you, something that really inspires you. And once you decide this, say it to yourself every morning aloud.

6- Develop a Routine That Works For You

While it’s good to follow a pre-developed routine (especially when you’re first starting out), the best routine is one that is suited to you. We all are unique and have our own strengths, weaknesses, daily schedules and requirements and you need to take all those things into consideration when developing a routine.

If you’re not a morning person, the difficulty of waking up at 6am is going to get too much and make you quit after the first week. If you get bored running on a treadmill, then maybe you should think about HIIT training instead. It’s important to understand what works, and what doesn’t, in order to develop a routine that will inspire you each and every day.

In order to become the strongest, happiest and most successful version of yourself, it’s essential to be continually motivated. Motivation comes from within, but these steps will help sustain it even when you are at your lowest points!