We love acknowledging client transformations at Roar! Especially when they are achieved through the support of our awesome trainers and good hard dedication from the client!

Jens, one of Alex's clients can be described as nothing less than an all round fantastic client and great guy! Alex describes Jens as an absolute work horse which is also his main downfall as he always wants to do more!! Alex often works to pull him back from overdoing it too much. Seven weeks ago Jens decided he wanted to enter a fitness competition, knowing that Alex specialises in this field he asked Alex to coach him through the process. His journey isn't over but so far Jens has lost 5.7kg, 6.7% body fat, and 8.5cm off his waist and while doing so has also managed to gain 2kg of muscle!!!
Jens trains with Alex 4 times per week and gives 100% every single session and his results show his true dedication.

"All I can say is well done and keep it up mate, I can't wait to see you up on stage smashing your goal!!" - Alex Mickiewicz, Roar Fitness Personal Trainer