John Duff grew up like many kiwi kids; out on the Rugby field. A passion that grew as he did in age. When John was 18 years old he severely injured his ankle, resulting in him no longer able to enjoy the game he loved. But as every progressive person believes; ‘everything happens for a reason’ as it was following this he discovered his true passion for health & fitness.

John has competed in and placed in many bodybuilding shows and through his hard work and determination was able to achieve his goal of winning an overall and a national title of WFF Mr Australia 2016.  He stated that he has “always loved the health and fitness industry since discovering it; however competing has taught me a lot about myself and cemented my passion for the sport and industry”.

In 2016 John had his first child, a little baby girl. She was due to arrive the day before he was stepping on stage in the IFBB Omara State show but she must have known her Dad worked extremely hard and arrived a couple of weeks early.

Not only is John a sponsored athlete but in 2017 Roar Fitness introduced him to our members as a qualified personal trainer.

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Facebook – John Duff – Precision Physiques Personal Trainer – Bodybuilder

Instagram – Jduff_precision_physiques

  • 2015 IFBB O’Mara Classic 2nd Place Novice
  • 2015 Arnold Amateur Classic Australia Top 10 Novice Division
  • 2015 NABBA/WFF South Pacific Championships 1st Place NABBA Class 2
  • Overall best chest & best arms runner up overall
  • 2015 NABBA/WFF Southern Hemisphere Novice 1st Place National Title
  • 2016 IFBB O’Mara State Championships 1st Place Under 100kg Open Bodybuilding
  • 2016 NABBA/WFF Australia National Championships 1st Place WFF Superbody, 1st Place NABBA Class 2 & Mr Australia Overall WFF Title

What do you enjoy the most about the industry?

It offers a place of therapy, if I’ve had a bad day I know that I can go to the gym and walk out feeling clear headed. The industry is forever changing, new styles, new information and new techniques being brought to light and I love the constant learning you receive.

I love the challenge of being able to change the way the mind works and challenge the body in order to get stage ready to show off all your hard work through a long demanding prep following strict dieting, cardio and training programs and practising posing on top of this.

During off season, I still strive on setting myself goals and focusing on my weaker body parts in order to bring a better overall package on stage.

Hobbies outside of the gym

Spending time with Family and Friends, exploring new places, Eating good food and a good movie night in.

Favourite cheat meal

A good quality juicy burger finished off with a couple of doughnuts topped with Ice cream

Best food prep tip

  • Don’t be afraid to use spices, garlic salt and my go to for chicken and fish is turmeric
  • Add psyllium husk to oats for added fibre and cinnamon for extra flavour. Soaking oats overnight make it easier for your gut to break it down.
  • Use a slow cooker to cook bulk chicken, shred and mix in left over juice to prevent drying out.
  • Half a lemon in 300mls of water upon waking and before bed.

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