Twenty six year old, mother of two Melissa Sullivan joined Roar Fitness at the start of 2016 and hasn’t looked back!

Melissa had always led an active lifestyle before having children and at one point in time was a competitive ‘race-walking’ athlete.  Like many women, Melissa put on extra weight following the birth of her first child and due to a complication in her second pregnancy she put on a resounding 30kgs within 10 weeks. Post-children, Melissa was very unhappy and suffered from severe body issues.

The extra weight was holding her back both physically and mentally. She longed to be the active mother who would take walks and play with their children rather than being limited to ‘observing’ her children play. One day, she decided to take action and switch her mindset to start working on the body (and lifestyle) she dreamed off.

Starting with a change to her diet; followed by the introduction of cardio the weight started to dramatically shred.  At her biggest, Melissa was 120kgs and has lost a whopping 50kgs since!

With the weight gone, Melissa has had yet another mind-shift and has removed her ideals from ‘skinny is looking good’ to ‘strong is the new sexy’. She feels a sense of pride when others compliment her on her body and wants her story to motivate others.

She shares with us that her life is fantastic! She has freed herself from the issues that were holding her back and now enjoys every day!

She enjoys Roar Fitness 247 as the atmosphere is welcoming and the people are friendly. She quotes “I couldn’t be happier”.

Melissa would like you to know; that the hardest part is the first step! Fight through everything that is holding you back and work for what you want!


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