The New Year of 2016 is fast approaching which is a common time for people to consider a new set of Resolutions.

Ask yourself the following questions based on your Health and Fitness Resolutions for 2015:

  1. Did you finish the year fitter and stronger than you started?
  2. Did you meet your Health and Fitness News Year’s Resolutions?
  3. Are you happier with your appearance now than at the start of the year?
  4. Are you happier with your inner health now than at the start of the year?
  5. Overall, would you give yourself a nutrition pass mark for the year?
  6. Overall, would you give yourself a gym attendance pass mark for the year?
  7. Does your health and fitness allow you to lead the life you desire?

So, how did you go? There are seven questions, did you say “yes” to more or less than half?

What did you say ‘no’ to, or what areas do you feel you could improve on?

What barriers have held you back from achieving your health and fitness goals in the past?

If you are not attending the gym as much as you would have hoped, to then have a read of these interesting facts:

80% of people who train alone do not reach their goals compared to 75% of people who do who train with someone else, accountability is important for all aspects of life.

If you are not where you would like to be with nutrition, what habits can you change and what is limiting your progress?

Common mistakes people make when they set Resolutions/Goals are:

Just going with the flow: You really need a plan, as free styling in life just does not work, it’s like driving to a new destination without GPS. Do you know what you are doing, do you need a training and nutrition plan or coach, do you have a training buddy or mentor who can pass on knowledge to you to assist you with your goals? When can you train, how many times a week, what are potential roadblocks? How will you measure your progress?;

Trying to make a complete 180 with your life: Take baby steps build positive habits rather than focusing on eliminating bad ones e.g. eat more frequently, eat more protein, eat more good fats, eat moderate good carbs and eat more vegetables, also set time to attend the gym at least 3 times a week. It is about consistent daily action. Remember that every master was once a disaster! We are all on our own journeys going at different paces, our individual knowledge of training and nutrition is going to differ so its about realising where you are currently and taking action based on your own level to get to the next step, not looking too far ahead;

You haven’t figured out your why: Becoming the healthiest, strongest and fittest version of yourself cannot solely be based on physical appearance, there has to be a bigger reason why you are doing all that you are, a bigger motivation that is going to pull you out of bed and into the gym or away from emotional eating in line with the goals you are chasing when life gets tough (the more you become committed to your goals the more often obstacles will show up and the bigger they will be). How will achieving your goals enrich your life?;

Your training regiment is too advanced: “Celebrity Workout Secrets’… what a cop out. Training should not be about the next big craze it should be about what is effective and required to produce results. Never compare what you are doing to anyone else and if you have a coach who is advising you on what to do and you are still learning then I guess all you can do is trust their professional advice. It’s better to stick to one thing rather than trying a million different methods at once, so that you are able to isolate what is working and what is not, same with nutrition and ‘fad diets’;

You have unrealistic expectations: How much time can you truly commit to your health and fitness, have you sat down and worked this out based on your average week? How much weight do you want to loose in what time frame and is that realistic? Is ‘weight loss’ a healthy focus, because as you drop body fat and gain lean muscle you may need to find other measures besides the scales alone? Focus on your own goals to fit your lifestyle and body type not those of others;

You are not enjoying the process: Being present in the moment will allow you to enjoy the process rather than worrying about what has or what will be in which we have no control over. If you aren’t enjoying the process why is this and what can you change so that it is more fun?

Lets get back to basics, goals should be SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

Know that you do not need a New Year to set goals, these can be implemented at any time. It helps to write your goals out and the action steps you are going to take to reach your goals, display your goals in front of you and touch base with these daily. Never forget your why and know that your best is going to vary from day to day!

If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.”

- Tony Robbins

Thanks for reading, have a safe Christmas and New Year!

I look forward to seeing you all step things up in 2016!

Jaime Mackie – Personal Trainer.