How Fitness Forms Positive Relationships

Physical activity is vital for kids development, as it not only helps increase their ...

Not Your Average Creche

As a lot of parents will agree, finding the time to get to the gym with little kids to look ...

How To Set New Years Resolutions

How to set and achieve New Year's Resolutions

The Benefits of Weightlifting

For many, the mere thought of weightlifting/resistance training can be enough to discourage them from grabbing onto a bar. Many people are quick to associate weightlifting with ONLY body building, or as something reserved for people who want a ...

How To Control Calories On Christmas

How To Control Your Calories During Christmas Dinner

How Dance-Based Workout Classes Can Add More Spice To Your Fitness Life!

We all know just how great we feel when we get carried away dancing to our favourite song! However, shaking your booty and having the time of your life is not only beneficial for your mental health, but just as well your physical health as well!

Why Swimming Might Be Your Family’s New Favourite Sport!

Here in Australia, we are all very familiar with swimming! Not only do we live in a country that is completely surrounded by water, our summers are just too bloody hot and the only escape we have is diving into a refreshing pool!

Best Wearable Technology

Best Wearable Technologies For Fitness

Postulating Posture

The Myths that distract you from the core of the problem…

Short Workouts For Fat Loss

For many of us, our initial move to join a gym or begin our fitness journey is based upon our drive to not only sculpt our bodies, but lose body fat. However, many people associate fat loss with running on a treadmill for extended periods of time or ...

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

With our society's obsession with fad diets and quick fixes it can be difficult to identify what truly is (and what isn’t) a healthy dieting option. One of these recent trendy diets that has been gaining popularity is intermittent fasting. However ...

Meet Thor Simmons

Meet Rory Simmons AKA Thor! Electrician by day, bodybuilder by night! And Roar Fitness Sponsored Athlete 24/7!


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