Roar PT Josh explains the benefits of being a member of a 24/7 gym and how working out at different times of day can help contribute to your individual goals and results. Josh is a Personal Trainer here at Roar and although he is relatively new to the amazing staff team here, he has been a member of Roar since it opened at the beginning of 2015. Since then it has become his second home and has been a massive contributor in fuelling his passion for the fitness lifestyle. Read Josh's latest blog below on the benefits of being involved with a 24/7 gym.

"I am going to talk to you about some of the benefits and advantages of becoming a member of a 24/7 gym. There really is some huge advantages, convenience and flexibility being the big two.

The past five years have been massive for the fitness industry. The growth has been phenomenal and the health and fitness industry is thrown in our faces daily whether we like it or not. Social media is the biggest contributor to this. Anyone with a mobile phone and a Facebook or Instagram account will come across something health or fitness related throughout their day. It’s in the palm of everyone’s hand. There’s so many online fitness sensations whom anyone can follow at a click of a button. There’s a huge amount of infotainment channels on YouTube where you can find an answer to pretty much any question you have.

With so much exposure online, it’s no wonder there is a booming interest in this incredible industry. The amount of gym’s that are now around, with multi-gym memberships, 24/7 access and very cheap weekly rates is really an amazing thing. Flexibility and convenience has opened up the fitness industry to a whole new market. People who used to struggle to make time to get to the gym during their busy day, can now set a time suitable for them to get their workout in. Shift workers etc. can benefit hugely from 24/7 gym access. With the amount of locations some of these franchise gyms have, the convenience factor is huge, plus the weekly membership rates are very manageable.

I want to go a little more in depth about the benefits of being able to train early in the morning or late at night. This is most suited to the more experienced gym goer. Training in the mornings before work can be great. You’ll feel accomplished and ready to smash the day ahead and don’t have to worry about trying to get to the gym after a long day’s work. For the general gym member, who does some type of resistance training, doing their workouts in the morning or afternoon isn’t going to affect them a whole heap.

For the serious bodybuilder who is looking to compete, 24/7 gym access is perfect. A common method for competition prep is doing some fasted cardio to lose that little bit of extra fat. So most guys and girls who are competing will go nice and early in the morning before breakfast and complete anywhere from 30 mins to an hour of cardio. They then have the evening to go back and complete a weight training session. 24/7 access is very convenient for them and there’s no restriction on their training.

Now a little about myself. For the past 12 months I have competed in numerous powerlifting competitions. My training is all strength based and my goals are hugely based around the amount of weight I want to be able to lift. So for me, to try and go to the gym early and get my workout in doesn’t work very well. My training sessions are for the most part very heavy, so to try and lift a maximal weight at 5:30 in the morning after being awake for half hour to an hour, I am going to be feeling weaker, slower and a little lethargic as my body has not woken up completely as such. My central nervous system hasn’t had sufficient time to adjust to the movements I will trying to be completing throughout my workout. It will take a good 2 – 3 hours to completely wake up and adjust. All in all, my overall performance is going to suffer slightly and when I’m 3 months out of a competition, every workout counts and I need to bring my absolute best every time. So if you are training for strength as your primary goal, but your workouts haven’t been feeling the best, try changing the time frame you train in. it might make a world of difference.

To conclude, 24/7 gym access has been one of the best ideas to date for our industry that we are a part of. It caters for absolutely everyone and leaves very little room for excuses to not get a workout in a few times a week. I hope everyone can take something away from this and if you’re not currently a member of Roar (best gym in W.A.) then get to it!"