There are several obstacles one faces when they finally deciding to change their unhealthy lifestyle towards a healthier one. One of the most difficult yet most overlooked is the development of new habits, and elimination of the old!

In order to be successful with your health and fitness you must get rid of the old habits that were hindering you in the past and replace them with habits that will lead you to success!

What are these habits? Below is a list of habits that highly successful people follow each day in their fitness regime!

  • They decide to change their lifestyle, not just their moment AND accept no short-term solutions:
    An issue people face when beginning their journey to change themselves is the focus of short term solutions. Those who maintain high levels of fitness decide to make a permanent lifestyle change and focus on it throughout the long haul.
  • They enjoy what they are doing:
    When you engage in any activity that you don’t find interesting it’s easy to not go, and there is more initiative to just give up. Therefore, in order to succeed, you must find enjoyment in your weekly health and fitness routines and adjust it to your personal liking.
  • They are competitive with themselves:
    Highly successful people find the competition, not in others, but within themselves. Instead of comparing themselves to others, they compare themselves to who they were yesterday, or last week, or last year! In addition, the most successful people do it consistently! Training is a consistent commitment, and successful people treat it as such.
  • They forgive themselves after a slip up, and make a quick recovery:
    Like everyone, successful people slip up from time to time. Its normal for everyone, but what separates successful people from others is their quick ability to get right back up. When you relapse, it’s essential to first and foremost forgive yourself and follow a detailed plan to get you back to where you were before!
  • They are open-minded:
    Another quality of highly successful healthy people is the knowledge that there is much they don’t know. Healthy and fit people defer to experts and are open to being coached and learning as much as possible.
  • Last but not least, THEY DRINK WATER!
    Those who succeed are those who are taking care of their body from the within as well. Always make health meals, fill your home and personal space with healthy food choices and drink as much water as possible!


That being said there are many habits that are easy to fall into that can hinder your progress and health.

  • Eating out:
    it’s easy to skip making a meal and swing by a drive through for your dinner. But what’s easy isn’t what is best, try to avoid eating out and stick to making all meals from home with nutritious ingredients.
  • Not going to work out and skipping days:
    Sometimes we need rest days, but if you find yourself easily saying “I just will skip today” then you are just setting yourself up for failure. It’s essential to push yourself to follow through with your workout plan and get up and go.
  • Giving up:
    The one rule to always follow in your personal fitness revolution is to NEVER give up. It’s easy to give in to the mind state that you can’t do it, you won’t ever achieve your goals or you aren’t good enough. These thoughts will only hinder your progress and lead to serious health and mental issues in the long run. You can accomplish anything when you put your mind, heart, and soul to it. Giving up on working out and health is giving up on yourself!

These habits will set you up for genuine and life changing success. Breaking bad habits and replacing with health ones is a lot easier said than done, but it is an essential part of your fitness journey and will lead you to a better lifestyle.

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