Like physical energy, mental energy is essential for optimal body functioning and quality of life. A strong mind with elevated mental energy creates happiness, confidence, increased willpower, focus, motivate and enhanced productivity. Plus a massive impact on your physical abilities. As with increased willpower and motivation it often leads to healthier eating habits, less procrastination and more focus on your goals.

Here are some tips to increase your mental energy!

Be Grateful Remind yourself of the things you are grateful for in your life. Gratitude will make you think more positively and give you more mental energy.

Surround Yourself With Great People Humans are naturally social people. Building relationships makes us happy and gives us energy. Spend time with people who think positively and have a lot of energy. This will mirror within you.

Think Positively If you’re feeling fatigued or slightly depressed, forcing yourself to think positively is a great way to start reversing negative momentum. As the saying goes; out with the bad and in with the good. Rid your mind of bad thoughts and replace with goodness.

Declutter Your Mind Most people are very busy and have a tonne of different things on their mind. Declutter your mind by delegating, setting reminders, taking notes and keeping a calendar. To avoid making mistakes, and to declutter your mind, keep as much as you can outside of your brain. For example, if you set a meeting with someone, put it in your calendar so you no longer have to remember it. Keep a to-do list. It will be enable you to be more present and conscious of what you’re doing at a given moment.

Go Outside Exposing your skin and eyes to sunlight will give you Vitamin D, which can boost energy. In addition, our minds and bodies are used to being awake during the daytime and we naturally have more energy during the daytime. Getting exposure to sunlight reminds our body that it’s daytime and that we should have more energy.

Many people find meditation a great way to boost mental energy.  While meditating, the goal is to not think about future or past. It’s to be present. Take time to let your thoughts flow freely and to take notice of your emotions, thoughts and body. Try a yoga or body balance class.

Try New Things
If you stick too close to the same routine, your brain can go into “auto-pilot.” You become un-stimulated and don’t have to think as much. Try breaking your routine. Learn something new.

Focus on What’s in your Control
Wanting or hoping for things that are not in our control will disrupt our tranquillity. Worrying about or hoping for something that we don’t have an impact on can cause anxiety. If you can’t fix it, move on. You will by-pass the beauty of the present whilst you live in the past.

Do What You’re Passion About
Taking part in activities, professionally and personally, that you’re passionate about.

Have Fun! Don’t forget to allocate time to friends and family, fitness, hobbies, etc. These activities provide excitement and keep you motivated. Having fun stimulates your brain in a way that improves energy levels.