With the holiday season fast approaching we are all beginning to plan our celebrations and outings! With Christmas dinners, complete with Christmas cakes, roast pork, roast ham, chocolate, pudding, gravy, and our little getaways out of town, it’s the most amazing time of the year, but also the one where we can easily fall into bad habits!

Even the most disciplined of us can fall right back into old tricks that we worked so hard to get rid of. This can lead to a snowball effect of neglecting your health for the whole holiday season, and leaving it up to the new year to correct all your short comings!

However, it’s easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying your well deserved holiday celebrations! That is why we outlined some tips and tricks to keep you fit, happy and healthy your entire holiday break.


Even if you don’t fancy yourself a picky eater, it’s time to begin living like one! One trick to keep healthy and refrain from overeating is to be discerning with the dishes you put on your plate.

Only choose things that really excite you, and don’t just eat things because they are there on the table. Even though everything looks amazing, pick the dishes that stand out the most to you, and practice portion control.

One memory we all can share as kids was the joy of overeating at Christmas but now as adults over eating isn’t as fun and can seriously hinder your fitness and overall health! Portion control can help you cut down on a lot of unnecessary picking and sampling, which will add up calories as the day goes on.


One of the best aspects of the holiday season are the delicious drinks that we all can enjoy with our family and friends!

As much as we look forward to these Christmas cocktails, drinking to excess can cause serious damage, not just with your hangover but with the entire body. Similar to food, practicing portion control with your drinks not only prevent hangovers but will prevent you from over-indulging in unnecessary calories, and keep you sharp, healthy and happy!

Even though there is so much to toast, make sure to limit your drinks to ensure optimal health and calorie intake this holiday season!


Even if you don’t have kids, there are almost always kids at a family Christmas party running around high on sugar.

Take this as an opportunity to get some cardio in and play with them! Jump around, go on a run with them and have a great time.

The best part is your get to relive your childhood holiday’s running around in the grass, while fitting in a quick workout.


Even though it is tempting to skip lunch or breakfast, or both, so you can save room for all the treats at Christmas dinner, this can lead to serious overeating and setting you back on your fitness track!

Skipping meals to be healthy, to then only binge on unhealthy food can seriously alter your energy and glycogen stores and can trigger the hunger response for days afterwards. Skipping meals as part of the intermittent fasting diet is the only excuse for skipping any meal, as being on the diet requires you to eat on a schedule as well as fuel your body with healthy and whole foods!

Stick to your regular meal times complete with healthy foods that will ensure you get your nutrients in!

Walk Everywhere

Holiday season means out of town trips! These breaks are seen as times where we can let go of all responsibility and relax! However, many people perceive this time to be one where they can let go of all their fitness progress!

You don’t need to hit the gym while away, or go for a run every morning, but you can still fit exercise into your daily activities while away! One of the best things about being on vacation is exploring. You really only get a small slice of a place when you’re in a taxi or public transport, but walking can make a new city come alive. Opt for walking everywhere you can while away. It will keep your body active, without killing you, and bring you closer to the amazing place that you’ve chosen to visit!


It’s important to enjoy yourself over the holiday period and not get too worked up about everything. This is a time for your family and your friends, and your food and diet shouldn’t be filling your every waking thought.

No matter what happens, always enjoy yourself and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle!