Tips for the silly season

We’ve just hit December this week, which generally makes for a silly season of eating naughty food, drinking in excess and slacking off with exercise (as does January).

What strategies have you considered to ensure that the weight doesn’t creep on?

Remember that:

  • Habits aren’t just Monday to Friday they are every day of the week;
  • Nourishing your body is not just for the months of October – November in preparation for December/January, back on track from February – April then slacking off again over winter from May – September it’s for every month;

Never forget that we make healthy changes so that we can live a more balanced lifestyle of joy, free from yo-yoing bodies and fad diets. There are no extremes with this approach, its sustainable, all in moderation.

Have you considered what steps you are going to put in place to ensure that you don’t ‘blow out’, and throw your hard efforts and investments into your health out the door? Unfortunately it can happen!

What are your short term and long-term goals? For December, the new-year, 2016 and beyond?

  • How bad do you want to hit your goals?
  • What is coming up that could potentially de-rail you?

E.g. Christmas work functions, Gatherings with family or friends, Christmas Day and New Years Eve;

  • How can you still get your exercise in if you can’t necessarily make it to the gym?

E.g. home workouts, beach workouts, hotel/motel gyms, swimming, walking and physical activities/water sports like paddle boarding etc;

  • How can you drink sensibly and lower your calorie consumption?

E.g. a glass of red, vodka lemon & lime, non-alcoholics, not drinking as many as usual;

  • How can you minimise scoffing down the less healthy options at work do’s and on Christmas Day?

E.g. filling up on lean meats and salads first before heavy carbs like bread, having healthier desert options or eating fewer deserts than usual;

If you are able to think about these things (to name a few} in advance, then you can put strategies to properly equip yourself, rather than being in a reactive state of most likely get down about it.

No matter what, if this is a lifestyle change and you love and respect yourself, then never feel regret or beat yourself up what ever the outcome may be.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”.

  • Jim Rohn

Thanks for reading, Jaime Mackie – Personal Trainer