As we all know leading an active and healthy lifestyle can positively impact your life from the inside out! However, what’s even BETTER is having someone to share this experience with, as the old saying goes ‘two is better than one’.

Working out with another person NOT ONLY brings along several mental benefits such as extra encouragement or holding you accountable but physical benefits as well!

So what are these workouts you ask?

  • Resistance Bands - Working with a resistance band solo can limit the mobility and intensity of the workout. Having a partner present opens up the floor to moves that would otherwise be much more difficult to achieve on your own. Having a partner hold and pull against you while using the bands not only creates more stability in the workout, but adds even more of a resistance as they will be pulling the against you, forcing you to work even harder to pull the band.Some moves to consider when performing resistance band workouts with a partner includes…

Tricep Kickbacks
Tricep Kickbacks involves two people stand facing each other while pulling the resistance band backwards at the same time. Essentially you will be trying to pull the resistance band, while the other partner will be pulling it in the opposite direction, creating a deeper workout and pull.

Band Jumps
Band Jumps involve one person holding onto the band with their hands standing behind, while the other partner has the band around their waist and jumping forward, fighting against the resistance of the person standing behind.

  • Medicine Balls - Working with the weight of a medicine ball is difficult enough on its own. However, having a partner with you adds more difficulty as it allows for one person to throw the ball at you forcing you to catch it at an unexpected angle and throw it back.

Squat With Rotational Pass
One workout to consider is squat with rotational pass - this involves two holding a squat position back to back while passing along a medicine to each other from side to side. This allows you to not only hold a squat but use your arms and abs to hold, move and retrieve the ball from the other partner.

Lateral Lunge and Throw
Another move that can be down with a medicine ball is lateral lunge and throw - this involves two parties lunging at the same time but when they come up throwing the ball across to one another and catching before going back into the lunge position. This allows you to not only lunge with the extra weight of the ball, but also use muscles to retrieve and throw across the space.

  • Body Weight - Having a partner means you can use their body weight as a tool for your workouts!Some moves to consider with a partner include…

Wheelbarrow Push Up with a Squat
Wheelbarrow push up with a squat involves one person standing holding the feet of someone in a push up position. The person standing will squat down when the person on the floor goes down for their push up. This adds difficulty to the both parties as the person doing a squat is holding onto the weight of the person on the floor.

Hold and Jump
Another workout to consider is the jump and hold- which involves one person holds a plank while another holds a plank and the other jumps over their legs. Having another person present allows you to add extra weight to your workouts as well as an extra barrier, making the workouts more intensive, fun and interactive!

  • Boxing / Sparring - Another group fitness/ sport that is highly enhanced with the present of another person is boxing. Perfecting the techniques of the moves is only half the battle with these types of sports, as these moves are specifically to be used on another person! Boxing, MMA, wrestling all involved two people, and performing learnt moves against a punching bag only challenges so much as it doesn’t punch back. Having someone there to spar not only improves your technique, but will help you become more defensive and improve your skill even further!
  • Tennis / Squash - Another sport that is built specifically on having two people present is tennis and squash! These sports exist on having a nice rally that goes back and forth with two parties, as half of the battle is dealing with the uncertainty of the other player.

Sometimes having a partner present does MUCH more than simply offer mental support, but it can be the defining factor for the entire workout! Make sure to bring a partner next time you hit the gym to add even MORE to your fitness!