We all know a good balanced diet consists of quality lean protein, good fats rich in omega’s, and a range of carbohydrates. But what else can you do to maximise results when your diet and training is already on point? Thats when supplements come in!

Here are my top recommendations whether you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle:

#1: Whey protein isolate

If you don't already have a protein supplement then you should! Not only is WPI an extremely good quality protein source but its also the most filtered whey, taking out all the fats and sugars leaving you with a purer protein!

For muscle retention or muscle gain WPI is a great source to have pre and post workout. Now for the time poor WPI is the quickest meal around, combine it with a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit and its a great snack.

#2: Fish oil

Fish oil is something absolutely everyone should take. To get enough omega’s from fish alone studies show that most likely you will be ingesting too much mercury!

Although it is a great supplement you do need to be careful which one you buy, cheaper is definitely not better! Many of the cheap brands go rancid or have very low EPA and DHA values which is what you are taking the fish oil for! So I recommend a concentrate with a high EPA value for adults or DHA for kids. Fish oil is good for everything from fat loss, to inflammation reduction to brain function.

#3 L-Carnitine

Another great all round supplement for all types of trainers. If you are trying to loose fat then this is highly regarded as it helps with transporting fatty acids and the better your body is at that the more likely you will burn more fat!

There’s also advantages when taken before a workout as it is a great energy stimulator but doesn't stimulate the adrenals like caffeine, so is a better option for energy without the crash.

#4: Zinc

Since we are living in Western Australia supplementing with zinc is extremely important for us as our soils are extremely depleted! Zinc is important for sex hormone support, so when your zinc levels are low your testosterone is not supported and is more likely to convert to estrogen. This is a massive problem in W.A for men and women! Ladies, ever wonder why you can't lose that last fat off your thighs? Or men why you can get a ripped chest? Excess estrogen is the culprit! To help rectify your hormones book in with me for a Bio Print consultation.

Also if zinc levels are low then it makes it very hard for your body to uptake other vitamins and minerals.

I hope this helps you all. If you want to know any more on supplementation, please don't hesitate to book in and see me at Roar Fitness 247 Cockburn.

Alex Mickiewicz

Flex Bodybuilding and Fitness