Once you take the first step to change your life, by eating healthy and working out, it’s exciting. However keeping up the momentum once the initial novelty has worn off is where the real challenge comes in! This is where having a fitness partner really comes in handy!

A fitness partner (gym buddy), not only makes your routine more enjoyable, but can also help yield stronger results than you may not have gotten alone!

Benefits of a Fitness Partner

Helps BOOST Your Workout: A study by the society of Behavioral Medicine conducted a study in which three groups were asked to ride a bike and have their heart rates monitored.

The first group had no partner, the second had a partner on Skype, and the third had a partner in-person. The results showed that the third group (the one with a physical partner present), kept working out TWICE as long as the group that didn’t have the partner.

This shows that having a partner present inspires you to keep going and push yourself harder during your workout.

Stronger Than Willpower: Another bout of research from the University of Aberdeen proved having a partner is the best predictor of your physical activity.

This suggests that having a partner (someone who monitors your workout results and is with you step by step) can be the vital reason many people show up week after week.

What Makes a Great Workout Partner?

When it comes to choosing a fitness partner, it’s essential to know the traits that lead to the most success!

A Partner Who Leads By Example: Good and bad habits are contagious. We tend to catch up on others moods to the point where it can affect our own performance. Therefore when it comes to a fitness partner, it’s essential to find someone who not only encourages you verbally, but also actually practices what they preach!

Being a Good Spotter: A great partner is someone who stays razor-focused on your workouts just as much as their own. Concentrating on your partner’s posture to avoid all injury or help correct any slips that may occur with fatigue can lead to a more fulfilling workout.

A Partner With Similar Goals: having a partner who is at the same fitness level/ has similar goals can not only keep you in check with your fitness journey, but allows you to have someone who is there to celebrate any achievements.

Finding a Friend in Your Partner: It’s important to find someone who is your friend outside of the gym walls. Having a person you can text or call for reassurance is essential as obstacles and discouragement can arise anytime and anywhere outside of the gym!

Fitness should be just as much fun as it is demanding, so find a friend and begin your journey together!